Playing 52 Pick-Up With My Thoughts.

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My daughter Randi was home on Leave from the Navy. It’s been over 9 months since we have seen her. We made the most of her time visiting home. We shopped, ate at her favorite restaurants and watched movies. I’m sure it was a relaxing time for her and a chance to recharge her batteries before going out to sea for the next 7 months.

A bitter-sweet feeling taking her to the airport and seeing her off once again. My parents went through it, so, now, I get the joy/pain of that whole process. She has her head on straight and I trust her to do well, be safe and succeed in her work on board the USS Makin Island.

Thinking about the movies we watched. The Addams Family and it’s sequel were very entertaining. The producers and writers did really well on those. The cast was perfect and funny. It’s one of the few times Hollywood gets a TV to Movie formula spot on. The other TV series to big screen that also was spot on was the Brady Bunch movies. They combined original content and some new ideas and made an enjoyable movie. That doesn’t happen too often. It’s more miss than hit.

Well, now we continue on with our lives and go about our routines. That’s why I’m writing this blog. I ‘m on my last day of vacation and need to get back into my groove.

The weather here in Northern Ky. is finally changing into the cold season. We can’t complain to much. We have had a great run of warm and dry fall season.

Is 46 too old to be looking for another job? I am lucky enough to be in a job with great security, but, I have hit a crossroad in my life and I’m wanting to get into something else.

Nov.13 2011, Damn, I started this blog last month. I figured I should finish it and post. Almost a month has gone by and my mind is on different things. I’m not so stressed on my route like I was. I’m still not looking forward to “Peak” and working 6 days a week with 10 12 hrs each day. The paychecks will be nice. I guess I should count my blessings there.

The political landscape is still the same, throw in some faux sex harassment charges and the Republican primary is still going on. I’m wishing 2 people would say Bye-Bye. Rick Santorum and John Huntsman. That would leave more time for the other wanna be candidates.

I had to make a trip to the gas station this morning. Why are we still paying well over 3 bucks a gallon? I can tell you one reason. BHO told everyone during his run for POTUS, this would happen if he got elected. He also said if those who want to continue to produce Coal and Natural gas, your industry will have to be hit with a higher cost of operations. Really, I dont know why people are surprised for the inflation and high food and energy prices. The 53% who put this guy in office ( along with Dead people, Sports names, Cartoon characters and of course, ACORN) you were warned and you chose not to listen.

To be honest it isn’t all BHO’s fault. There are speculators and OPEC with their meddling hands in the price gouging. Seems if we use whats in the US of A, prices should go and stay down. Hey, lets build a pipeline from Canada to supply our refineries here and watch Unemployment and energy prices drop. What? We have a plan and are/were doing that?

BHO announced his decision to delay his decision to allow the pipeline in untill AFTER the 2012 election. There he goes again, voting Present. Seems he had a long history of doing that while in the State and Federal Senate seat. Way to kick that can down the road!

Getting back to the Republican Primary. I’ll take all of them over the “Anointed One” any day of the week,month and year.

Why? Because EVERY damn one of them would put AMERICA first, rely on OUR energy resources and do whats best for the people, not the Party. If you disagree with me on that last statement, Email me and if you have 30 minutes, I’ll school ya.


Above the law? Seems that the Obama Administration thinks so.

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A Judge orders the Obama Admin. they cannot stop drilling contracts from proceeding. Ok,the next step would be the Press corps be all over this. Nope. Nada. Nothing.

So, what does the Admin. do about the order?  Ignore it.  Seen the price of gas lately? Remember in ’06 during the Bush years,the complaints from the people and from Dem. politicians?  Nancy Pelosi asking  just what  Bush will do to help the people.  Many on the Left asking them to open up the Strategic Reserves and help lower the cost of fuel.  Rightly so.  Anytime an Admin. can do those things it should be done.  I agree with that criticism that the Bush Admin. got.  However, The President can do very little, prices are controlled by Speculators and OPEC.

Having said all this, where is that same criticism from the Left and the Right?  This Admin. is in contempt of court.  I’ll repeat. They are in contempt of court.  I’ll use the Left rallying cry.  “They don’t care about the poor”  Seems this Admin. doesn’t. Unless its about more control.  I want to see that Judge issue a warrant for those in the Admin. who have disobeyed his ruling.    Well,where are you Dems who hate the price of fuel being so high?  Could it be BHO is protected because he has that D after his name?  We all know the truth.

In 2012 they will too!

High Speed Rail,  is anyone really calling for this,other than Unions, Politicians and activist groups who hate America?  Tell me the purpose for this 50 Billion + program.  One word for you.  AMTRAK.  How is that working out? Red ink year after year, another Government controlled entity that SUCKS!  This to will fail. I wish the Left would stop trying to Europeanize  the US of A.

American people have and always will love their cars.  It’s loving that independence that draws us to our cars. We can go on our schedule. Control the speed of travel time. Stop when were hungry, stop when we see a souvenir or fruit stand. It’s that very freedom that makes our country unique.  The Left does not like the traditional values of this country. Hell, just look at their actions on ANYTHING!  Stop force feeding us. We do not like it!

BHO talks about his budget. He touts all these cuts,but, he also raises the amounts going to other programs.  News Flash… Spending MORE money on other programs is not a cut! Jeez, 3rd grade Math will figure that one out. Then again, Liberals believe 2 + 2 can equal 5 if it makes you feel better. ( That’s a whole different argument for a later date.)

The Presidents cuts won’t begin until AFTER his first term.  Can anyone say election cycle payoffs? How brave of him to do that.

( Sarcasm)

After all is said and done his new Budget will be a 24% INCREASE. I thought this past mid – term elections proved that America wants the spending to stop.

BHO will listen to the Egyptian people, but he ignores his very own citizens…


Now, for a local rant.  The Cincinnati Bengals. This is a classic case of Corporate welfare from the city of Cincinnati. Mikey Boy always gets crap for being a bad owner,but even his critics will admit, “He’s a great businessman”.  I say Bullshit.  Yes, I’ll give him props for taking on the IRS in court and winning. I won’t fall for that great businessman bullshit though.

Think of him as the CEO for Budweiser and he runs that company like the Bengals.  The company only has 1 beer brand.  Little or no advertising budget.(That means no shelling out 3 million for Super Bowl ads.)  Other rivals have a Light beer, other flavors and sales people all over,  promoting and getting their product better,  to compete with other brands.  Just how long does Budweiser stay in business with the Mike Brown way of doing things?

The ONLY reason he is still an owner, the NFL is a Monopoly.  Mike Brown throws the fans a bone every 10 / 12 yrs.  He can afford to do that. Where else is the city going to watch a pro team?

Mike Brown a genius?  No. I call him Sperm Lucky!!!!!