Honesty / Or speaking one’s mind.

I was thinking about being honest with yourself, friends and family. Do people really want to hear it? I really do not think most people want it. Remember you parents saying, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say it”. As a kid, your thinking, That’s not fun. If you know what was good for yourself, you adhered to the command.

Social media is so freaking huge and like it or not, has become part of our lives. It’s on every TV, movie and product that we see and use. There is no escaping it. I for one have embraced it to get the word out politically. Sure, I post music and comedy stuff, but for the most part it’s politics.

There is nothing wrong with that. Your Facebook is a reflection on your life past, present and future. Which brings me to my point. After reading some posts you usually “Like” it or comment. That’s the civil and polite thing to do.

How many people wish there was a “Dislike”?  I do. How many people want to be totally honest with a comment, but, back off and remain civil?  I do. How many would take being  ( GASP! ) “Unfriended” as an insult?  That depends.

What’s wrong with really saying what you want to say? Look, all of us on our “Home” page are friends because we have a past and sometimes present with them. Being honest today, cannot change the past. What history was experienced cannot be erased. So, why would it hurt to be honest?

Now, I’m honest with say, 80% of my friends. I only have 80 friends so, I kind of pick and choose who I want to deal with. Those 20% sometimes say crap and I just want to do a “Don Rickles” and roast them.

Hey, I’ll admit, I’ve pissed off some people by accident and on purpose. I’m also sure they have been condescending to me whether I deserved it or not. That’s cool. I like the give and take that goes on. The passion that is exposed is wonderful. There are times I don’t want to argue because it is futile.

So, what would be your response to this post? Now, there are some who are gonna think, “Well, just how much bullshit will he shovel my way”?  Do not go worrying your pretty little head about that. I’ve already unfriend 1 person and 1 has unfriend me. Tit for tat!

I want to end this by being totally honest about 1 subject that really get’s the “go along to get along” treatment by 99% of people. I’ll wait and see where the subject goes or if it’s ignored so be it. I just wanted to change gears from my political stuff for a while.

BTW, I do love my friends. That is an HONEST comment. Image