A heaping helping of “Brain – Stew” without any political fillers.

The title says it all, just random BS and no political speak. ( I can hear the appaluse all over the greater Cincy area )

My brain was really wondering the other day and I was thinking about a different twist for going back in time. If you could go back and have the chance to change 3 things, what would it be? I know what your thinking, by doing that your changing the course of history and will alter your life in the present tense. Nope. Here’s the deal, my thoughts, so my rules.


You will be going back with your knowledge you have today. Therefore, you wouldn’t change the major events, because who doesn’t want to have the children you have today, or your spouse. I know I wouldn’t replace them.


You could change someone elses future to make sure yours stays put, also, you could change a person’s livelyhood to benefit yours. Knowing my friends and family, you wouldn’t be Biff in “Back To The Future”. We all would be nice time travelers!


The first place I go, 1979 start of High School. I would take classes and sports with a much needed attitude adjustment. I would bypass going to Vocational school. I took 2 years of Welding and I can’t think of a time where I used my training later on in life. Doing that improves my future for the good.


The second thing I do, be a hell of a lot nicer to people. Where I got the nerve to act better or make fun of anyone is beyond me. Hell, I was a short kid with a big nose and a really bad head of hair.  A good attitude towards life, family and friends would improve my future also.


The third thing I would have done, stayed in the Navy at least for another 4 years. Since I know what the future holds, I make sure i take Leave to keep my first meeting with Stacey. That way, I know we stay together and keep ourfamily together.  The major changes I can see are employment and a better friend, husband and Dad to all.


Now, after doing those things and cementing the majority of my future, I can only dream of the shenanigans I get into again. I wouldnt have quit CC halfway thru my Jr. year, Baseball would have been better and I would have played BB too. Oh, the class room discussions on History and Science would be priceless. Remember, We go back knowing what we know now. By the way, this would be a personal journey, meaning, I couldnt go back and talk with David and he would be from the future as well. We all are totally oblivious of each others future, at that time in the past.


Then again if I could go back in time with another and we experience the past, oh the fun we could have!!!!!! But, I digress.  I don’t think I would partake in some bad things i did before.

For example, remember the yellow paint graffiti on the old HS? We were threatened withholding of diplomas and Grad night.

It’s no secret that it was me, but what is weird, the other 2 people who painted with me are now dead. Do you want to know who they were? Or does everyone know that?


I think I would buy some property along some out of the way spots that look to be questionable back then, but, boy it pays off later!


Well, I hope all that reads this will partake in my note. I would like to read other thoughts.