Sincere words for those who voted for President Obama.

by Mike Stewart on Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 5:28am ·


I decided to write this because of the one issue that is finally bringing negatives to our President. The pain at the pump. The last week sure has been rough on BHO. I can think of a list of other things, but, I’ll stick with what’s working now.

I really have to hand it to you all for not bitching and moaning about the giant price hike in gas prices. At least on FB. You may have complained privately, with your family at the supper table or at the workplace.

You have kept it pretty much to yourselves, that’s commendable. I’m sure on a daily basis you have found the stories posted by me and others about said gas prices. I’m sure you may have wanted to comment, or maybe this FB thing isn’t your outlet to voice your opinion on the matter.

Which is cool, to each is own. I have a few thoughts on the matter, I’m sure your very aware of.( I can see you rolling your eyes right about now…)

No, I think you O voters don’t comment because you really can’t. I mean all through his run for POTUS in ’07 & ’08 he was really, really honest.

He actually had the balls to say, energy prices would skyrocket under his term. He was not shy about the need to push for “alternative” energy. For those who insist on using coal, and fossil fuels, well, they are going to find it more expensive.

You all remember that don’t you? You must, because that is why you have accepted  the higher costs in our food and other goods.

Man, driving to vacation spots, sporting events and concerts this year will be even more costly from last year and the year before that, and the year before that.

I admit that, there were some things out of his control that have aided in the price hike. We did have that nasty spill a couple years back that started in the spring and didn’t get capped until many months later. Why did it take so long to cap that oil leak?

Hmmm. Looking back, I don’t recall the urgency to get it fixed. Oh well. He did what he thought best by canceling all deep and shallow drilling until they could find solutions to the problem. That didn’t work out so well.

Now, when fuel prices go above $ 4.00 a gallon around here, there maybe some chinks in the” Defend Obama” armor start to show. Everyone has a threshhold of just how much crap they are willing to take. Will we see it?  Ehh, maybe.

In closing I’ll say this again. I’m somewhat impressed in your restraint, about something as serious as our energy costs.

I know if my guy was not able to come up with policies to help the poor and minorities in this country that really suffers because of the high prices, I’d be wondering if I was wrong giving him my vote.

A face only the really caring could love…

Sincere words f…


Brain Stew Droppings

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Wow,so many things have come to mind,I don’t really know where to start. I’ll make it easy,Politics.

It looks like BHO will be moving towards the center. I guess that pep talk from ole’ Bill hit home. The SOTU will be presented tomorrow.BHO is expected to announce that his ready to tackle the economy. I ask,”What took you so long”? Now,before all you Independents start raising his poll numbers,remember he is only talking about the economy and job creation.

His actions on the subjects have been ignored the last 2 years,so,what will make this speech anymore inspiring to you? I know how your brains work. Your kind of feeling guilty about the way you left him this past November. You voted with your brains ,along with real Conservatives to put in power the Republicans.

With the recent talk about wanting to loosen up restrictions on businesses, mentioning Ronald Reagan’s’ name and the sympathy regarding the Tuscon shootings,your just aching to get on board again. How about taking a deep breath and wait and see what happens after the SOTU.Ok? Good.

My recent fascination with vending machine trinkets,what are these,you ask? You know the 50 cent, 75 cent machines at your local grocery / retail stores. I have been collecting the plastic shot glasses with NFL logos on them. Before that I was buying these ballcaps with MLB and NFL teams. They are sitting on my computer desk all lined up and I really have no reason for it. I’ll chalk it up to boredom and doing something on an impulse. Who knows in a month or two,they will wind up in a box or thrown out.

I have other stuff on my “Command Center”. Bumper stickers,hot wheels,gargoyles,pictures and an old beer can from the 80’s. I think they call it my “Flair” if you’ve seen “Office Space”,you’ll get my drift. I don’t have an office,or work in a cube -farm,so this is my way of pretending that I do.

Too bad,cause I think I would be the envy of my peers!!! Not everyone can say they have Cap’n Americas shield hanging in front of their work station.

Public Transportation. Being in the Greater Cincinnati Area,that topic has been a hot one. In downtown Cincy,they are wanting to add streetcars to connect parts of the city to other “Hot spots”. If you know Cincinnati s council, then you know what a mess of things they are capable of doing.  The city is in the red. They are laying off public service workers,ie cops and firemen, but still have money to study and fund this project. It will be a major failure. Do what TANK has done. Paint buses to look like the old trolleys and save a boatload of money. They wont,and they will continue to fall further into debt and people and businesses will just cross the river into NKY. Good!

Im so sick of the cold and snow. Enough said.

Pitchers & Catchers report next month,that warms me up just thinking about that!

Why has Media Not Played up Republicans Taking Obama’s Senate Seat?

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Why has Media Not Played up Republicans Taking Obama’s Senate Seat?.

Because it would bring bad attention to Barry. The MSM knows he is damaged goods right now,and to be honest,there isnt a silver lining around Barry either. Hell, he has other Dems now questioning his leadership.

It will be interesting to see,if he can pull a Clinton,and govern towards the middle. Old Bubba could recognize  an ass whipping when he saw one.(The Repubs gaining control of BOTH Houses in ’94)

I believe Barry leans waaay left of center. His ego wont allow him to cater to the Repub. victory this last Nov.

Stranger things have happened though. I predict there will be little chunks of the MSM actually blasting Barry,if this Lame-Duck doesnt produce at least one of their Leftists dreams of Amnesty or Cap & Trade.

The MSM at the end of the day is still a business and the bottom line is getting smaller and smaller for most of them.Watch what happens over at MSNBC when Comcast takes over full control.

You’ll see fresh new faces and you can bet,they wont be so Pro-Barry.