The Sad and Enduring Life Of A Bengal Fan.

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I am a curious kind of guy, I like to get into peoples heads and love trying to figure out what makes some people tick. In politics, it’s pretty easy to do. Sometimes, some people leave me scratching my head.  When discussing Politics there is actually, a right and wrong way to do things. It’s easy to figure out because you can use History to base your findings.


However, when it comes to sports, that’s a whole different ballgame. Pun intended.


I get the reasons for having a favorite team you can root for. Your hometown team usually is the favorite. You have some exceptions, my friends Dave rooting for Dallas since I’ve known him and Terry and Todd being Steeler fans. The rest of us pretty much goes with the home cooking.


Which brings me to my reason for this note. A brief history on my Bengal rooting. It ended in 1995. What do I mean by that? I quit being emotionaly involved, I dont get upset or happy if they win or lose. My Sundays are sooooo much better for it. I still like the viewing of the NFL while visitng at a friends house.


As I stated before. I’m a curious guy, therefore, I like to read the Bengal message boards and actually be entertained by the blind faith and (ahem) foolishness of said fans.


From a fan who really believes what he/she wrote…


” I know everyone is down on us right now but i guess thats how it is when weve endured as much from this franchise over the years. our defense played one hell of a game today and our offense let us down. we have a really dominant front 7. they really showed up to play today. our secondary is 1 more good safety and cb away from being top flite. i believe that taylor mays will be the answer to replace crocker and once pacman comes back…our secondary will be really good. i believe our d is set for a few years to come and wouldnt be surprised if we take a cb in the 1st round next year.


our special teams are just fine. i believe nugent and huber will be our p/k for the next 5-10 years and im perfectly fine with that. i do have a problem with the addition of tate tho. i believe that we shouldve kept cosby as our pr and kept b.scott returning kicks. i mean at least thats one way our biggest playmaker was able to make it onto the field. hopefully tate will continue to improve…especially on punt returns cuz hes made a few really questionable decisions. overall tho, i think our st’s are set.


offense is the only real concern for me. bernard scott HAS TO PLAY. until he gets 10-15 touches a game….i will be completely critical of the offensive staff. b.scott needs to be our 3rd down back as well. im honestly tired of brian leonard being our back in passing situations. it makes absolutely no sense to me. sure he made a few plays in 09 but since then has done nothing. i always thought ur 3rd down back/passing situations back was supposed to be the guy that could catch a ball out of the backfield and make a great play to pickup big yards. b.scott is that guy. i believe that ced bensons suspension will be a blessing in disguise. our offense is young and growing pains are to be expected. next year the interior of our o line needs to be addressed. we need to dominant guards and i think our offense will be set. b.scott needs to be our starting back or at least get split carries with benson. eventually our young offense is going to click and once it does…were going to be good. i honestly think as soon as scott starts getting touches the whole dynamic of the offense will change….and thats when things will start to click and open up. we need to take more shots downfield. anyways….i know everyone is down after today…but honestly guys, i think were one breakout game away on offense from being a really good ball club. the foundation is here….now we just gotta deal with the growing pains. WHO DEY for life.”


Sad.   This comment could have come from 1993, 1997, 1998, 2001 or 2010. Get my point? They have only 2 winning seasons in both my kids lifetime, and they are 22 and 19!  What has this team done to produce such loyalty?  I get the novelty of going to a game or using it as a business tool.

Supporting this team is  THE definition of insanity.


I compare it to battered wife’s syndrome. ( In my best southern accent ) MOM : ”  Damn it, Lucy Lou, why don’t you leave Bubba”?  Lucy Lou :   “…But      I        Love       Him,      Momm maaaaaaa”!


Mike Brown is a happy owner.


My friend, Richard Lee Gillespie. ( Ritchie)

Iv’e known you for 37 years. We grew up together,  we went to school together, we played in the fields together, we laughed together, we cried together, we hung out together, we partied together and we simply were together in friendship and brotherhood.

After we got older, we did what a lot of friends do. We chose our paths in life. I went into the Navy got married and had a family. You chose to  stay in your hometown. Always a friend to a lot of different people. You had your personal struggles and you managed them the best way you could.

My favorite part of doing my Fed Ex route was seeing you almost everyday in SG. For almost 2 years I was able to stay in contact with you.  I loved driving into town and seeing you walking. I would pull over and have a short Bull shit session with you. You had that same laugh and friendly personality that I always loved.

I would offer you a ride, and you would hesitate, cause you didnt want me to get in trouble. It was no trouble. You were worth it. Those 10 minutes with you always brought back a piece of our childhood.  I would have loved to spend more time with you, but I was working and you know how that goes.

I can see you waving at me as I rounded the corner. I would yell “Rich – Body”  ( inside joke) Your face would have this big smile, I think it reminded you of a better time in your life.

You told me one day, you had an appointment with social services, and I would think to myself, Yes, get some help and be that person again that we all loved.

There should be no apologies on how your life turned out. Each of us has a path to choose in life and we live it.

It saddens me very much that you are gone. These past 3 days have been really hard. Every time I drove into SG. I would want to look for you.

You were a very special friend to me. Your family took me in like I was kin. In a way, we were closer than kin. We were friends, and for that, I have become a better person for it.

I love you Rich. May you rest in peace. Someday, we may meet again and share all those wonderful memories.

Good bye.

A fresh bowl of BRAIN STEW

Reset switch

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What’s on the minds all over the Beltway?” Guv-mint” shut down of course.

To get things started I’ll write this, If the Republicans can get what they want, consider that to be one giant reset button on Federal spending. Oh, I’m not talking about that stupid reset button that Hillary presented to the Russians. You know the one where it was lost in translation, instead of reset, it said something like “Putin likes pink underwear” or something like that.

“Guv-mint” shutdown = Great news. Really it does. Instead of the horror stories you are hearing and gonna hear from the Democrats and their minions in the press. This means that “Guv-mint” will operate on a needly basis that was intended in the first place. The mail will still be delivered, checks to Granny will be sent, our brave military will still operate, as well as the police, FBI, CIA and air traffic controllers.

Ok, I have to be honest, the janitor who polishes Lincolns shoes in the Lincoln Memorial will not report for duty. Take a long weekend pal, you deserve it!

Now, you are also hearing the blame game take place. Ole’ Harry and Miss Nancy are blaming the Repubs for cutting  too much in the budget and not giving in to their demands. Well, if those two would have done their jobs last October, I wouldn’t be Blogging about this.

See, what happened last year under a Dem controlled House, Senate and White House no budget was passed. That hasn’t happened in over 35 years. Simply put, they didn’t do their jobs because they like to kick the can down the road. The Mid-terms were about to take place and they feared a Dem. based backlash if they had any cuts to their budget. They gambled and lost big time. Nancy took the biggest hit from that now didn’t she? ( Ha Ha).

In typical fashion they are now doing their usual “Chicken Little” doomsday scenarios, you know the greatest hits, The Poor will suffer, children will suffer and senior citizens will suffer. “Dogs & Cats living together, mass hysteria! Or something like that.

So, my friends, don’t get taking in with all that crapola.

Gas Prices Too Damn High!?  Here are reasons 234 & 235.  Cuba is getting ready to start drilling off their coast, which really means off the Florida coast. ( Get a Map, you’ll see what I mean). Brazil is getting tax-payer funds from BHO himself to fund their offshore drilling needs. Who has a hand in those companies doing the drilling?  The most dangerous man in America… George Soros.

I smell payback.

BHO has stated many times he doesn’t mind the US paying 5 bucks for a gallon of gas. His only regret, the prices are rising too damn fast. He would like to see a gradual climb in prices.

Wow, thanks Obama, way to look out for the little guy!

A not so, Bizzaro world.


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For those not savvy with the term Bizzaro   Formal name of the imperfect clone of Superman, Up is down, right is wrong,black is white etc. etc.

Ok, now imagine if all those pesky Liberal/Progressive policies were replaced with the Right wing/Conservative policies.

To embrace Capitalism, Government cannot choose who wins or loses. The best people get the job, PERIOD!  Shun all socialism ideas, before they  hurt and hinder our freedom.

To gain more revenue for the Feds, smoking is encouraged in public places like Stadiums, bars and restaurants. Only if the management and owners want to allow it.

To support the Capitalistic policies of this great country, All businesses with Unions will not be forced to collect Union dues. Strictly voluntarily.

To provide a better education system for our Public schools, A merit system and reward program goes out to the best teachers. Also, school choice will be given to all public school children and parents. No longer will they have to be forced to sit in a failing school. They will be awarded vouchers and force competition in the school system.

Keeping with the education theme. Schools will have programs that involve gun safety. Superintendents and principles will have access to a weapon. In case they have to respond to an emergency. Random teachers will also have access to said weapons.

There will be a 30 minute lunch and recess period. Gym classes will start from K – 12th grades.  School lunches will be a balanced meal involving the basics. There will be dessert and Milk Shake options.

Schools will also teach Home economics and Financial classes.  There will be a basic SEX ed class starting in the 7th grade. Parents will have to provide written permission to attend these classes. They will be on a volunteer basis. Math, Science and real world History will be taught. No PC material will be used.

Schools will stress competition and a proper dress code will be applied for the students and faculty. Schools will be a place to teach, not worry about how one feels. 2 + 2 = 4. Not, what the child feels like it should equal. Coloring outside of the lines is wrong. Being disrespectful is wrong. Students are there to learn and prepare for adulthood, not prepare for what they feel at the moment.

To cut down on vehicle fatalities, SUVs will strongly be encouraged and Tax cuts will be given for those who drive a safe vehicle.

To give the States more freedom and prosperity, Drinking age will be decided by the States, no longer will the Federal Government use blackmail tactics to withhold Highway funds.

To honor and respect all active Military personnel, anyone with a valid active ID will be allowed to purchase and be present in any or all  establishments  selling alcohol. If you are old enough to die for your country, then you are old enough to buy alcohol.

To establish a profitable Health Care system, Private insurances can sell across state lines. Make plans customized. Use the car insurance model. Pay out of pocket for minor illnesses or Dr’s visits. Example, car insurance doesn’t pay for that flat, tune-up or oil change. Same goes with Health care. You need a flu shot, eye exam, hearing test or regular physical, you pay out of pocket.

Now, to all you lefties out there screaming about how horrible this is. We, meaning fair minded working stiffs have been putting up with your social engineering policies since LBJ.

The main difference between Democrats and Conservatives… C H O I C E. The above post was all about letting the people choose to do it this way. Not, forcing it down everyones throat except those who are in Washington.

Get used to not having your way, cause, there is a storm coming, you saw a minor portion of it last Nov. ( MIDTERMS).

2012 will usher in a new way of doing things around here!  If not? GOD help us all.

The Double – Standards

Monopoly (game)

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One of the biggest double – standards taking  place as we read, Judicial Activism. 1) A judge puts on hold the Wisconsin Law to control or eliminate Public workers collective bargaining rights. In Limbo.  2) Judge orders the Obama Admin. to unleash the deep water oil drilling. Ignored. 3) Judges declare Obamacare is unconstitutional. Ignored.  4) Judge puts on hold the Arizona Immigration law. In Limbo.

See a pattern there? When the Republicans go through the PROPER and Lawful process, they are put in purgatory,  awaiting their appeal.

Democrats on the other hand, simply thumb up their nose and continue like nothing was said. Why? Simply put, they play with a different set off rules. Republicans always trying to do whats right will play the game with the written rules and then allow the Democrats to change the rules to their advantage. With the MSM paving their way.

Biggest court involvement has been the Voting Process. Opening the polling places past the close time, letting ballots counted past the deadline and allowing contaminated ballots found in car trunks to be valid. ( See Minnesota Senate race)

It has to stop.

I equate it to playing Monopoly with a 7 year old. They don’t understand the game, so they will change the rules or ignore them to win. However, when the grown – up says fine we’ll play it your way and moves to take advantage, suddenly they shout, “That’s not fair”!

Grown-Ups VS  Kids…

Well, I’m sick of this and so are many of like minded people. listen up, you Progressives/ Libs or whatever your calling yourself. You think November 2010 was an ass kicking?  Wait until November 2012!

Much pain and suffering will come your way. Just think of it as payback for all the pain and suffering you have perpetrated on the American public for the last 40 plus years.

Most NYers Want Wal-Mart But Unions Say No – Wal-Mart – Fox Nation

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Most NYers Want Wal-Mart But Unions Say No – Wal-Mart – Fox Nation.

Say what you want about Wal – Mart. Here are some facts that should be used when Wal – Mart wants to build in your city. They do more for the working class in this country than the Federal government.  They go after the cheapest goods because,  lets face it, we Americans love a great deal. Plain and simple. The Unions hate them because they can’t get their mitts on their profits.

Which is all they care about. Look at all the restaurants and other retail shoppes that build after a Wal – Mart is put in. Now, look at the positive economic impact that has for the city.

If our government would lower taxes on business maybe Wal – Mart would buy from them. Again, they are looking for the lowest price to pass on to their customers. Wal – Mart is a great success story. From a general store in Arkansas, to a nationwide chain. Sorry,  if the so called mom and pop stores eventually lose out to Wal – Mart.

Thats capitalism my friends. Winners and losers.

Besides, Wal – Mart used to be one of those mom & pop stores you love. Does Wal – Mart make it possible to raise a family of 4 on their salary?  No, they do not, unless your management. But, Wal – Mart has made it possible to have part time  employees make an extra buck or two. Thats what makes up most of their work force.

If you need more money for family, why should Wal – Mart be blamed,  by the Unions for what they call a non livable wage?  Wal – Mart has a certain business model  and they stick to it. It has proven to be a profitable one.

For the hypocrisy that the critics speak I suggest viewing an episode of South Park. That my friends explains it all.