Almost 50. Reflection time.

Tuesday I’ll turn the big Five- 0h my gosh! My reflection hasn’t been too deep. I haven’t been regretful or sad. Actually, been ignoring the impending day. What I have thought about is the things I haven’t done in 10 plus years. Here’s my list:

1) Swimming
2) Fishing
3) walk on a beach
4) Pot
5) Attend a Bengals game
6) Attend a Rock concert
7) Play Softball
8) Picnic in a State park
9) Attend a Family Reunion
10) Visit the Zoo
11) Visit an Amusement Park

A heaping helping of “Brain – Stew” without any political fillers.

The title says it all, just random BS and no political speak. ( I can hear the appaluse all over the greater Cincy area )

My brain was really wondering the other day and I was thinking about a different twist for going back in time. If you could go back and have the chance to change 3 things, what would it be? I know what your thinking, by doing that your changing the course of history and will alter your life in the present tense. Nope. Here’s the deal, my thoughts, so my rules.


You will be going back with your knowledge you have today. Therefore, you wouldn’t change the major events, because who doesn’t want to have the children you have today, or your spouse. I know I wouldn’t replace them.


You could change someone elses future to make sure yours stays put, also, you could change a person’s livelyhood to benefit yours. Knowing my friends and family, you wouldn’t be Biff in “Back To The Future”. We all would be nice time travelers!


The first place I go, 1979 start of High School. I would take classes and sports with a much needed attitude adjustment. I would bypass going to Vocational school. I took 2 years of Welding and I can’t think of a time where I used my training later on in life. Doing that improves my future for the good.


The second thing I do, be a hell of a lot nicer to people. Where I got the nerve to act better or make fun of anyone is beyond me. Hell, I was a short kid with a big nose and a really bad head of hair.  A good attitude towards life, family and friends would improve my future also.


The third thing I would have done, stayed in the Navy at least for another 4 years. Since I know what the future holds, I make sure i take Leave to keep my first meeting with Stacey. That way, I know we stay together and keep ourfamily together.  The major changes I can see are employment and a better friend, husband and Dad to all.


Now, after doing those things and cementing the majority of my future, I can only dream of the shenanigans I get into again. I wouldnt have quit CC halfway thru my Jr. year, Baseball would have been better and I would have played BB too. Oh, the class room discussions on History and Science would be priceless. Remember, We go back knowing what we know now. By the way, this would be a personal journey, meaning, I couldnt go back and talk with David and he would be from the future as well. We all are totally oblivious of each others future, at that time in the past.


Then again if I could go back in time with another and we experience the past, oh the fun we could have!!!!!! But, I digress.  I don’t think I would partake in some bad things i did before.

For example, remember the yellow paint graffiti on the old HS? We were threatened withholding of diplomas and Grad night.

It’s no secret that it was me, but what is weird, the other 2 people who painted with me are now dead. Do you want to know who they were? Or does everyone know that?


I think I would buy some property along some out of the way spots that look to be questionable back then, but, boy it pays off later!


Well, I hope all that reads this will partake in my note. I would like to read other thoughts.


Honesty / Or speaking one’s mind.

I was thinking about being honest with yourself, friends and family. Do people really want to hear it? I really do not think most people want it. Remember you parents saying, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say it”. As a kid, your thinking, That’s not fun. If you know what was good for yourself, you adhered to the command.

Social media is so freaking huge and like it or not, has become part of our lives. It’s on every TV, movie and product that we see and use. There is no escaping it. I for one have embraced it to get the word out politically. Sure, I post music and comedy stuff, but for the most part it’s politics.

There is nothing wrong with that. Your Facebook is a reflection on your life past, present and future. Which brings me to my point. After reading some posts you usually “Like” it or comment. That’s the civil and polite thing to do.

How many people wish there was a “Dislike”?  I do. How many people want to be totally honest with a comment, but, back off and remain civil?  I do. How many would take being  ( GASP! ) “Unfriended” as an insult?  That depends.

What’s wrong with really saying what you want to say? Look, all of us on our “Home” page are friends because we have a past and sometimes present with them. Being honest today, cannot change the past. What history was experienced cannot be erased. So, why would it hurt to be honest?

Now, I’m honest with say, 80% of my friends. I only have 80 friends so, I kind of pick and choose who I want to deal with. Those 20% sometimes say crap and I just want to do a “Don Rickles” and roast them.

Hey, I’ll admit, I’ve pissed off some people by accident and on purpose. I’m also sure they have been condescending to me whether I deserved it or not. That’s cool. I like the give and take that goes on. The passion that is exposed is wonderful. There are times I don’t want to argue because it is futile.

So, what would be your response to this post? Now, there are some who are gonna think, “Well, just how much bullshit will he shovel my way”?  Do not go worrying your pretty little head about that. I’ve already unfriend 1 person and 1 has unfriend me. Tit for tat!

I want to end this by being totally honest about 1 subject that really get’s the “go along to get along” treatment by 99% of people. I’ll wait and see where the subject goes or if it’s ignored so be it. I just wanted to change gears from my political stuff for a while.

BTW, I do love my friends. That is an HONEST comment. Image

Sincere words for those who voted for President Obama.

by Mike Stewart on Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 5:28am ·


I decided to write this because of the one issue that is finally bringing negatives to our President. The pain at the pump. The last week sure has been rough on BHO. I can think of a list of other things, but, I’ll stick with what’s working now.

I really have to hand it to you all for not bitching and moaning about the giant price hike in gas prices. At least on FB. You may have complained privately, with your family at the supper table or at the workplace.

You have kept it pretty much to yourselves, that’s commendable. I’m sure on a daily basis you have found the stories posted by me and others about said gas prices. I’m sure you may have wanted to comment, or maybe this FB thing isn’t your outlet to voice your opinion on the matter.

Which is cool, to each is own. I have a few thoughts on the matter, I’m sure your very aware of.( I can see you rolling your eyes right about now…)

No, I think you O voters don’t comment because you really can’t. I mean all through his run for POTUS in ’07 & ’08 he was really, really honest.

He actually had the balls to say, energy prices would skyrocket under his term. He was not shy about the need to push for “alternative” energy. For those who insist on using coal, and fossil fuels, well, they are going to find it more expensive.

You all remember that don’t you? You must, because that is why you have accepted  the higher costs in our food and other goods.

Man, driving to vacation spots, sporting events and concerts this year will be even more costly from last year and the year before that, and the year before that.

I admit that, there were some things out of his control that have aided in the price hike. We did have that nasty spill a couple years back that started in the spring and didn’t get capped until many months later. Why did it take so long to cap that oil leak?

Hmmm. Looking back, I don’t recall the urgency to get it fixed. Oh well. He did what he thought best by canceling all deep and shallow drilling until they could find solutions to the problem. That didn’t work out so well.

Now, when fuel prices go above $ 4.00 a gallon around here, there maybe some chinks in the” Defend Obama” armor start to show. Everyone has a threshhold of just how much crap they are willing to take. Will we see it?  Ehh, maybe.

In closing I’ll say this again. I’m somewhat impressed in your restraint, about something as serious as our energy costs.

I know if my guy was not able to come up with policies to help the poor and minorities in this country that really suffers because of the high prices, I’d be wondering if I was wrong giving him my vote.

A face only the really caring could love…

Sincere words f…

Reality Check? Or Am I an Alarmist?

I want you to start paying attention to your surroundings. The next time you go out shopping, listen to the people in line, walking by, or browsing through the aisles. What are they talking about? What is the attitude being showcased? You really need to address these actions and conversations among yourself, your loved ones and friends.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the shift in this country taking place as we speak. It’s actually been going on for almost 20 years. I’m talking about the great divide in this country, between the Recipient Class vs. The Providers.

To simplify, Non – Tax Payers vs. Taxpayers. The Haves and the Have Nots, The Lazy and the Workers. I think you know what I mean.

53% play by THE rules, 47% play by THEIR rules. The 2008 election has brought this out to the forefront. The Providers have said “Enough”, and the Recipients have said “More”.

Regardless of what you think, it’s not about race or bigotry towards Obama. Its about right and wrong. Its about Government being forced to govern by the Constitution. Sadly, we have had many Presidents overlook this and that and force feed the people Government intrusions.

2 years ago  Tea parties was formed all across the U.S. Why? To demand the Government be scaled back and let those who provide the wealth continue to also enjoy their freedoms.  We want the Government to stop rewarding bad behavior and stop punishing success. We have the right to achieve and fail in this country, without Government picking and choosing winners and losers.

2010 midterms showed the true power of the people. The biggest turn around of power in Congress in 70 years. All done by lawful rallies, respecting property and persons. Obtaining the required permits, love for the country and not 1 arrest in thousands of rallies across America. I’m proud to have attended such rally.

Enter Occupy Wall Street, then Occupy ________( fill in blank). The word occupy was in itself unlawful. Those screaming 1st Amendment rights were wrong. Yes, you have a right to speak. You don’t have a right to be heard. Especially on private property and breaking laws while doing it.

What was the goal? What were they protesting? There are hundreds of answers to that,yet, getting more than 2 people to agree would be tough to do. Funny, how the press, left wing bloggers and politicians all trashed the Tea party for being racist,hateful,mean and intimidating. Yet, not one charge was EVER proven. Now, look at all the wrong doings at those Occupy protests. There are interviews, audio and video evidence of that which the Tea party was said to be doing.

We live in an upside down world right now. Its going to get worse. How bad? That I cannot answer. I can say this, not if, but when things turn bad are you prepared?

Whats going to happen when the recipients don’t get their “fair share”? Look how those “Occupy” people acted? They are a bunch of spoiled kids who are pissed because they can’t find employment to match their lifestyle. They want that corner office and 4 week vacation package right out of college. They are pissed that they spent 100,000 on a 4 year degree in Women’s Art History and can’t find a job to pay for their college loans. They want, want want without doing, doing doing.

Which brings me to my point. The Zombie movies and TV show is really popular right now. Reason? It’s a metaphor for our society. Back in the late 60’s, the movie reflected the Vietnam War, the 80’s – Greed. Today’s Zombie show?  How our country will be when it collapses.

No, I don’t believe in reanimating the dead. Those Zombies are today’s recipient class, going after those people who have what they want, but not going to work for it. Think I’m off base here?  Whats the attitude you get or hear when they don’t receive their checks on time, or computers go down and the stores cant accept their EBT cards. They get down right nasty, and sometimes confrontational.

The big government cities have witnessed this behavior for years and have paid a big price. They look like ghost towns or worse, Escape from New York type neighborhoods. What will happen when resources all but dry up in their cities? They will start heading out to the ‘burbs, rural areas to stake their claim in anything they feel like taking. They have been used to getting something for nothing and they will not stop till they find other resources to dry up.

That is my Zombie analogy.

Now, what are you doing to protect whats yours?  Its time to stock up on food, shelter, clothing and money. (Gold and Silver) home security. 2012 election is near, it’s time to put party aside and vote in people who understand the trouble we are in.


Like I said before, not a matter of if, but when.


Playing 52 Pick-Up With My Thoughts.

Flag of the United States

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My daughter Randi was home on Leave from the Navy. It’s been over 9 months since we have seen her. We made the most of her time visiting home. We shopped, ate at her favorite restaurants and watched movies. I’m sure it was a relaxing time for her and a chance to recharge her batteries before going out to sea for the next 7 months.

A bitter-sweet feeling taking her to the airport and seeing her off once again. My parents went through it, so, now, I get the joy/pain of that whole process. She has her head on straight and I trust her to do well, be safe and succeed in her work on board the USS Makin Island.

Thinking about the movies we watched. The Addams Family and it’s sequel were very entertaining. The producers and writers did really well on those. The cast was perfect and funny. It’s one of the few times Hollywood gets a TV to Movie formula spot on. The other TV series to big screen that also was spot on was the Brady Bunch movies. They combined original content and some new ideas and made an enjoyable movie. That doesn’t happen too often. It’s more miss than hit.

Well, now we continue on with our lives and go about our routines. That’s why I’m writing this blog. I ‘m on my last day of vacation and need to get back into my groove.

The weather here in Northern Ky. is finally changing into the cold season. We can’t complain to much. We have had a great run of warm and dry fall season.

Is 46 too old to be looking for another job? I am lucky enough to be in a job with great security, but, I have hit a crossroad in my life and I’m wanting to get into something else.

Nov.13 2011, Damn, I started this blog last month. I figured I should finish it and post. Almost a month has gone by and my mind is on different things. I’m not so stressed on my route like I was. I’m still not looking forward to “Peak” and working 6 days a week with 10 12 hrs each day. The paychecks will be nice. I guess I should count my blessings there.

The political landscape is still the same, throw in some faux sex harassment charges and the Republican primary is still going on. I’m wishing 2 people would say Bye-Bye. Rick Santorum and John Huntsman. That would leave more time for the other wanna be candidates.

I had to make a trip to the gas station this morning. Why are we still paying well over 3 bucks a gallon? I can tell you one reason. BHO told everyone during his run for POTUS, this would happen if he got elected. He also said if those who want to continue to produce Coal and Natural gas, your industry will have to be hit with a higher cost of operations. Really, I dont know why people are surprised for the inflation and high food and energy prices. The 53% who put this guy in office ( along with Dead people, Sports names, Cartoon characters and of course, ACORN) you were warned and you chose not to listen.

To be honest it isn’t all BHO’s fault. There are speculators and OPEC with their meddling hands in the price gouging. Seems if we use whats in the US of A, prices should go and stay down. Hey, lets build a pipeline from Canada to supply our refineries here and watch Unemployment and energy prices drop. What? We have a plan and are/were doing that?

BHO announced his decision to delay his decision to allow the pipeline in untill AFTER the 2012 election. There he goes again, voting Present. Seems he had a long history of doing that while in the State and Federal Senate seat. Way to kick that can down the road!

Getting back to the Republican Primary. I’ll take all of them over the “Anointed One” any day of the week,month and year.

Why? Because EVERY damn one of them would put AMERICA first, rely on OUR energy resources and do whats best for the people, not the Party. If you disagree with me on that last statement, Email me and if you have 30 minutes, I’ll school ya.