My friend, Richard Lee Gillespie. ( Ritchie)

Iv’e known you for 37 years. We grew up together,  we went to school together, we played in the fields together, we laughed together, we cried together, we hung out together, we partied together and we simply were together in friendship and brotherhood.

After we got older, we did what a lot of friends do. We chose our paths in life. I went into the Navy got married and had a family. You chose to  stay in your hometown. Always a friend to a lot of different people. You had your personal struggles and you managed them the best way you could.

My favorite part of doing my Fed Ex route was seeing you almost everyday in SG. For almost 2 years I was able to stay in contact with you.  I loved driving into town and seeing you walking. I would pull over and have a short Bull shit session with you. You had that same laugh and friendly personality that I always loved.

I would offer you a ride, and you would hesitate, cause you didnt want me to get in trouble. It was no trouble. You were worth it. Those 10 minutes with you always brought back a piece of our childhood.  I would have loved to spend more time with you, but I was working and you know how that goes.

I can see you waving at me as I rounded the corner. I would yell “Rich – Body”  ( inside joke) Your face would have this big smile, I think it reminded you of a better time in your life.

You told me one day, you had an appointment with social services, and I would think to myself, Yes, get some help and be that person again that we all loved.

There should be no apologies on how your life turned out. Each of us has a path to choose in life and we live it.

It saddens me very much that you are gone. These past 3 days have been really hard. Every time I drove into SG. I would want to look for you.

You were a very special friend to me. Your family took me in like I was kin. In a way, we were closer than kin. We were friends, and for that, I have become a better person for it.

I love you Rich. May you rest in peace. Someday, we may meet again and share all those wonderful memories.

Good bye.