A fresh bowl of BRAIN STEW

Reset switch

Image by zawtowers via Flickr

What’s on the minds all over the Beltway?” Guv-mint” shut down of course.

To get things started I’ll write this, If the Republicans can get what they want, consider that to be one giant reset button on Federal spending. Oh, I’m not talking about that stupid reset button that Hillary presented to the Russians. You know the one where it was lost in translation, instead of reset, it said something like “Putin likes pink underwear” or something like that.

“Guv-mint” shutdown = Great news. Really it does. Instead of the horror stories you are hearing and gonna hear from the Democrats and their minions in the press. This means that “Guv-mint” will operate on a needly basis that was intended in the first place. The mail will still be delivered, checks to Granny will be sent, our brave military will still operate, as well as the police, FBI, CIA and air traffic controllers.

Ok, I have to be honest, the janitor who polishes Lincolns shoes in the Lincoln Memorial will not report for duty. Take a long weekend pal, you deserve it!

Now, you are also hearing the blame game take place. Ole’ Harry and Miss Nancy are blaming the Repubs for cutting  too much in the budget and not giving in to their demands. Well, if those two would have done their jobs last October, I wouldn’t be Blogging about this.

See, what happened last year under a Dem controlled House, Senate and White House no budget was passed. That hasn’t happened in over 35 years. Simply put, they didn’t do their jobs because they like to kick the can down the road. The Mid-terms were about to take place and they feared a Dem. based backlash if they had any cuts to their budget. They gambled and lost big time. Nancy took the biggest hit from that now didn’t she? ( Ha Ha).

In typical fashion they are now doing their usual “Chicken Little” doomsday scenarios, you know the greatest hits, The Poor will suffer, children will suffer and senior citizens will suffer. “Dogs & Cats living together, mass hysteria! Or something like that.

So, my friends, don’t get taking in with all that crapola.

Gas Prices Too Damn High!?  Here are reasons 234 & 235.  Cuba is getting ready to start drilling off their coast, which really means off the Florida coast. ( Get a Map, you’ll see what I mean). Brazil is getting tax-payer funds from BHO himself to fund their offshore drilling needs. Who has a hand in those companies doing the drilling?  The most dangerous man in America… George Soros.

I smell payback.

BHO has stated many times he doesn’t mind the US paying 5 bucks for a gallon of gas. His only regret, the prices are rising too damn fast. He would like to see a gradual climb in prices.

Wow, thanks Obama, way to look out for the little guy!