A not so, Bizzaro world.


Image by Ben Northern via Flickr

For those not savvy with the term Bizzaro   Formal name of the imperfect clone of Superman, Up is down, right is wrong,black is white etc. etc.

Ok, now imagine if all those pesky Liberal/Progressive policies were replaced with the Right wing/Conservative policies.

To embrace Capitalism, Government cannot choose who wins or loses. The best people get the job, PERIOD!  Shun all socialism ideas, before they  hurt and hinder our freedom.

To gain more revenue for the Feds, smoking is encouraged in public places like Stadiums, bars and restaurants. Only if the management and owners want to allow it.

To support the Capitalistic policies of this great country, All businesses with Unions will not be forced to collect Union dues. Strictly voluntarily.

To provide a better education system for our Public schools, A merit system and reward program goes out to the best teachers. Also, school choice will be given to all public school children and parents. No longer will they have to be forced to sit in a failing school. They will be awarded vouchers and force competition in the school system.

Keeping with the education theme. Schools will have programs that involve gun safety. Superintendents and principles will have access to a weapon. In case they have to respond to an emergency. Random teachers will also have access to said weapons.

There will be a 30 minute lunch and recess period. Gym classes will start from K – 12th grades.  School lunches will be a balanced meal involving the basics. There will be dessert and Milk Shake options.

Schools will also teach Home economics and Financial classes.  There will be a basic SEX ed class starting in the 7th grade. Parents will have to provide written permission to attend these classes. They will be on a volunteer basis. Math, Science and real world History will be taught. No PC material will be used.

Schools will stress competition and a proper dress code will be applied for the students and faculty. Schools will be a place to teach, not worry about how one feels. 2 + 2 = 4. Not, what the child feels like it should equal. Coloring outside of the lines is wrong. Being disrespectful is wrong. Students are there to learn and prepare for adulthood, not prepare for what they feel at the moment.

To cut down on vehicle fatalities, SUVs will strongly be encouraged and Tax cuts will be given for those who drive a safe vehicle.

To give the States more freedom and prosperity, Drinking age will be decided by the States, no longer will the Federal Government use blackmail tactics to withhold Highway funds.

To honor and respect all active Military personnel, anyone with a valid active ID will be allowed to purchase and be present in any or all  establishments  selling alcohol. If you are old enough to die for your country, then you are old enough to buy alcohol.

To establish a profitable Health Care system, Private insurances can sell across state lines. Make plans customized. Use the car insurance model. Pay out of pocket for minor illnesses or Dr’s visits. Example, car insurance doesn’t pay for that flat, tune-up or oil change. Same goes with Health care. You need a flu shot, eye exam, hearing test or regular physical, you pay out of pocket.

Now, to all you lefties out there screaming about how horrible this is. We, meaning fair minded working stiffs have been putting up with your social engineering policies since LBJ.

The main difference between Democrats and Conservatives… C H O I C E. The above post was all about letting the people choose to do it this way. Not, forcing it down everyones throat except those who are in Washington.

Get used to not having your way, cause, there is a storm coming, you saw a minor portion of it last Nov. ( MIDTERMS).

2012 will usher in a new way of doing things around here!  If not? GOD help us all.


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