The Double – Standards

Monopoly (game)

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One of the biggest double – standards taking  place as we read, Judicial Activism. 1) A judge puts on hold the Wisconsin Law to control or eliminate Public workers collective bargaining rights. In Limbo.  2) Judge orders the Obama Admin. to unleash the deep water oil drilling. Ignored. 3) Judges declare Obamacare is unconstitutional. Ignored.  4) Judge puts on hold the Arizona Immigration law. In Limbo.

See a pattern there? When the Republicans go through the PROPER and Lawful process, they are put in purgatory,  awaiting their appeal.

Democrats on the other hand, simply thumb up their nose and continue like nothing was said. Why? Simply put, they play with a different set off rules. Republicans always trying to do whats right will play the game with the written rules and then allow the Democrats to change the rules to their advantage. With the MSM paving their way.

Biggest court involvement has been the Voting Process. Opening the polling places past the close time, letting ballots counted past the deadline and allowing contaminated ballots found in car trunks to be valid. ( See Minnesota Senate race)

It has to stop.

I equate it to playing Monopoly with a 7 year old. They don’t understand the game, so they will change the rules or ignore them to win. However, when the grown – up says fine we’ll play it your way and moves to take advantage, suddenly they shout, “That’s not fair”!

Grown-Ups VS  Kids…

Well, I’m sick of this and so are many of like minded people. listen up, you Progressives/ Libs or whatever your calling yourself. You think November 2010 was an ass kicking?  Wait until November 2012!

Much pain and suffering will come your way. Just think of it as payback for all the pain and suffering you have perpetrated on the American public for the last 40 plus years.


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