What If… My fantasy theory on Life and death

Near-Death Experience Artwork

Ok,what if you had a real near-death experience?  I have. some of you may remember my story.

It takes place in the 3rd grade.  Mrs. Sandfoss’ class.  It was during our lunch period.  The weather was bad so we had to go back to our class room instead of recess outside.
In our room there were some of us running around and getting rowdy, someone knocked over that big book shelf, with the glass doors. It came crashing down and broke 2 desks (the back of them).

The glass doors broke, but didnt break in tiny pieces, it broke in 2 large pointed blades, sticking up. I was in front of it, when I lost my balance, and as I turned my head and saw the blade of glass near my back, out of no-where Rusty Politt grabbed my arms and pulled me up and out of harms way.

There is no doubt, that glass would have pierced me and I would have died.

Heres where my theory takes shape.  What if Im living out my life that was not determined by the near death experience? Lets say, when the time comes, and Im on my death bed and right at the moment of my last breath, Im back in the 3rd grade, living out that scene again and I get live my life over.

Are ya with me?  Did I lose ya?  Now, my life is lived again till im ready to die, and then Im put back to that point of time when I face death. Again, I live out a full life and the odds of me making the same decisions again are really remote.

Therefore,I keep getting a new life to live and when death comes knocking,I go back to the 3rd grade again. All because, I cheated death. Yea, kinda sounds like those “Final Destination” movies. Except, I don’t have the Grim Reaper hunting me down.

I think this would explain Deja vous.

Now, lets say I go back to that death experience and Rusty doesnt help me and I die. Well, then thats it for me. game over. I got to live a bunch of lives with probably different results and I keep experiencing life until, death does catch up to me.

Just a new twist on our existence and how important it is to make the right choices.

Tell me what ya think.  Am I crazy or really bored out of my skull on a Friday night?



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