Talking Baseball

Oscar and Dad Playing Catch

Image by Phil Scoville via Flickr

Here is a blog I wrote a few years ago. Still relevant today. I was reminded of it when I watched “Field Of Dreams”

Can You Smell It?

I’m talkin’ bout the smell of spring and BASEBALL!!  Yes its that time again when everything is new and refreshed and ready to begin. I was in Wal Mart today(much to the displeasure of the LIBS in this country) and I went to the Baseball gloves picked one up,  took in a deep breath and wow the memories of childhood and playing the game came rushing in.

I recall spending hours on end with my friend Dave tossing ball, scooping up grounders, shagging pop-ups. We were always doing something that involved the game.Thats what makes Baseball so damn great, It is AMERICA!

The conversations that tookplace during a game of catch is priceless. Be it the latest movie you took in, to the day in school, talking about a girl, to the best plays on this week in Baseball. You can strike up the weirdest and obscure thoughts while tossing that wonderful ball around.

It is unlike any other sport.

I guess it’s because you dont have to be the fastest, tallest or meanest to play it. I have great memories at picnics, we always brought the old ball and glove with us. Hell , it was as important as the KFC and potato salad.

Its also a great sport to play with your DAD. I recall many days just sitting around and one of us would say grab a glove and ball and say,” Lets toss”!  It so hard to put in words how  it magically enters you in a whole different world, where work, school or lifes problems simply go away while your tossing ball.

Im 41 years old ( 45 now ) and every time I watch Field Of Dreams, I lose it when the scene with Kevin Costner has that 2nd chance to “Have A Catch” with his Dad.

I wish I could once more have that moment again. I have 2 great kids and both love to toss with me.

Its so great to share something so simple and magical with your children. Hopefully they will pass on this tradition of playing catch with their kids.

As long as its kept alive, Fathers and Grandfathers that have passed away will always live on.

Thank You Dad, for  playing catch with me.


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