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Here are some ramblings to ponder.  Italy is now demanding language courses for work visa and citizenship requests.  Why can’t the US come to this common sense approach?  It seems Europe is starting to acknowledge that multi-culturism  does not work in free societies.  Can only hope that America also wakes up to that realism.

Why cant we get all 50 states to adopt a law requiring a picture ID to show at the voting places?  The opponents of such laws always say it will hurt the poor and minorities chances of voting. It also will intimidate them as well. My question to those people who proclaim this crap, what about the disenfranchise you cause on the legit voter? Why is it nothing is ever said about that? I for one am tired of my vote being canceled out by a bus load of bums that arrive at the polling place to vote Democrat because they were bribed with a pack of cigs and a sandwich.

Just give US a level playing field and lets not have our votes competing with a cartoon character or someone who has been dead for 20 yrs.

The Post Office. Wow, a lot of bad can be brought on talking about this failure of service.  So, they are running out of money and are in billions in debt. Why can’t they do what a private business must do when they are in dire straits? Let them go bankrupt, reorganize and try to reestablish a working model that makes money.  No more politicians yelling,”They are to big to fail”. We as a country cannot afford to keep bailing out these companies.

We are in a free market society, there will be winners and losers. The winners are the ones that have bold innovative plans in place to profit. They are proactive instead of reactive.  GM should have been allowed to go belly up and let another private group take them over and restructure instead of the tax payers propping them and the unions up.

I’m not anti – union. I was once a Teamster. I saw first hand the good and bad of the Union and the way management had to cater to them. Usually resulting in bad customer service. Management lost sight of the customers and the union didn’t think it was their problem as long as the driver was still there to pay dues.

Liberals have no concept in job creation. They blindly go after the big bad business owner demanding they hire workers.

Here is a simple breakdown of how the system works, each job opening in the private sector has to be profitable for that employer. ( Yes, it’s a profit game) A person will get a job when this happens. That is the only time a job opening can occur. They don’t come out of thin air and the boss doesn’t wake up and one morning and say. “Hey, I think we need a new opening at the plant” Yes, sometimes one is created to fulfill a wife’s half wit loser bother that needs a job.  That scenario is not normal.

Now, once that position no longer creates a profit, it must be go away via layoff or permanently taken away. This is why the PUBLIC unions have ran its course. They are usually filling positions that exceed their market value. Therefore creating a negative for the tax payers in the city, county and state. Then your state will be running budgets in the red.

The sense of entitlement by public workers baffle me. We in the private sector are not entitled to anything, why should they?


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