Boggles my mind

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Random subjects running through my head this Sunday afternoon.  Police giving support to the Wisconsin protests. Yes, I get the solidarity argument, but what I don’t get is the selective memory the Police have,  when it comes to the type of people they are supporting. If tonight those police officers are responding to a call and things get out of hand and the police use force to bring the criminal in. What if there is a call of 1) Racism or 2) Police brutality.

Those very same people you chose to support will be the first ones to call for a suspension or firing of the police. I wish the police would remember who actually supports them while doing their jobs. It sure as hell isn’t the Left. Hell, they call on the police to go without weapons and to look the other way if it involves a minority.

See a man named Van Jones for a really messed up view into police rights. Also, look at the POTUS who said, “The Boston police acted stupidly” during the arrest of the Harvard Professor. Remember that stupid beer bash held at the White House between the involved parties? Just use your brains and your eyes when supporting loons on the Left.

The NFL labor talks. I don’t have a team to root for anymore so I can take a strike or not. I do like the time watching the game with a close friend.

He is a big Dallas fan. He pours his heart into that team. that being said, I’m really sick of the direction sports have gone. What happened to the game?

Money I guess has taken over and really has giving us a watered down version of once was. Since it has become a big business with Billions of dollars involved, lets then remind the players whats involved.

Market value. Seems the Players union wants more of the pie from the owners and the Owners are not wanting to give it up. So, who suffers while these 2 play their games? The Fans. Without  their support, neither side has a livelihood.

The Owners get big tax breaks and public money to build their stadiums. Then the Players are rewarded with multi million dollar contracts and the Fans are expected to pay for the high cost of ticket prices, while buying merchandise and watching it on TV.  Here is where market value comes in. the Players wanting more of the Owners money and the Owners now to keep up with their demands and contracts will raise the ticket prices so no one will be able to afford to go.

When this happens you will see the Owners saying no to the Big contracts and then a few rich teams will have all the high priced talent and eventually there will be no product left.

Let’s get this bargaining crap done and let’s be reasonable about it. When you are in that room negotiating just remember the Fan is the one who can control your destiny.


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