I Want My, I Want My Mon-ey!

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MY Money.

I received my SS statement today. I paid into the “kitty” 42,000 and some change. The current system is going broke.  Agreed?  Whats the chances of me getting back what I paid in? Slim to none and Slim has left town.

Next week the House Repubs are going to start looking in to rehauling the system so it  A) wont go broke  B) Replacing it with a better and wiser plan.  Ill buy you a Coke if the DEMS go along with this.  I’m confident I’ll keep my Coke money.

They will start screaming ,”Your going to kill Senior Citizens”,” Your going to force the poor out in the streets”  etc,etc,etc.

Here is what should happen. They will inform those receiving their benefits,they can choose to keep them at the current rate.  However, those under 55 can “Opt” out of the system. They will receive ALL the money they paid in and be expected to find a personal retirement fund. AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I say,send me that check. Im going to be 46 yrs old and I could afford to put half of that in an account. The rest, I would help spur the lagging economy.

I WANT A CHOICE! Make SS total voluntary, if its so damn great then no one will leave it, but give us a choice!  Im willing to bet,that a whole bunch of people will want their money to do as they please. And, why not. Its OUR money.  Lets be honest, SS has become a PONZI scheme. You know, the same thing Bernie Maddof is in prison for.

There lies the problem. The Dems wont allow this to come to vote. Why? They are scared. They want that power over you. Why do you think they TAKE that money instead of asking for it?

So, Lets get it done. The Nov. ’10 election was about giving the power back to the people. In the words of Barry himself, “Elections matter, we won so get over it”!

Practice what you preach Barry!


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