Ranting & Rolling – My Thoughts Running Over

Cincinnatians consume more than two million po...

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Hot Topic, The “Organized” Public Workers Protests.  Sure do have a lot of  out – towners doing the protesting. Special guests, The White House, DNC and Washington Union Leaders. Whats the matter, can’t the Union in Wisconsin do this on their own?

My biggest question.

Where do the Public Worker Unions get their millions to run TV and Radio ads?  Instead of crying / demanding tax increases for your pay and benefits, use your damn advertising budget to make up the shortfall you wanted, but won’t get.

“The States are BROKE”!

What part of that sentence do you fail to understand?


“Things we had yesterday,won’t be here tomorrow”

That statement hits home with me. Ever since 9-11 happened, I take nothing for granted.  The events of 9-11, I take them personally, I get a sick and empty feeling in my gut, whenever I see or read about it.

Too many people in this country have forgotten about it. Some have chosen to, others have been told to. For those who have dismissed it,  I present you with this hard-core fact.

There is evil in the world. Evil that wants to destroy you and I. It doesn’t matter what your sex, race or politics are. This fact cannot be denied.

If all of our enemies laid down their weapons, there will be peace. If we  (The U.S.) laid down our weapons,there will be blood in our streets!

Some may view that as  extreme statements. Remember on 9-11, they didn’t attack our military. They attacked our way of life. over 3,000 plus in those 2 towers, were made up of different races, creeds and sexes. They were attacked for doing their normal routines. Getting up and contributing to society. That’s all. The Terrorists decided to attack innocents that day.

I’ll never forget that cowardly attack, neither should you.


On a lighter subject. Local and regional words and phrases. Here in the Northern Ky / Tri-State area. ( Ohio, Indiana and Ky.)

Out of  Towners may give us a double take when we say…

“Pop”.    You all say “COKE” or SODA when referring to soft drinks.

“Wanna play Cornhole”?  That’s our popular backyard beanbag and board toss game.

“Please”?  Instead of saying “What” or “Huh”

I read that it is an old German custom. In Cincinnati,we have the 2nd biggest Octoberfest  celebration. No.1 is of course, Germany.

“How do you want your 3-way”?  “Would you like to make it a 4-way 0r 5-way”?

Thats our name for Chili & Spaghetti with cheese. Or with onions, or beans.

Visit a Skyline or Goldstar restaurant when in this area. You’ll thank me!





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