Sarah Palin ( I got your attention)

Mt Dew Bottle

Image by Mini D via Flickr

My latest Rants-  Failed Left – wing talk shows. Let’s go over their format, Host talks about Feelings, Rewrite history, Talking Points from the White House and Feelings. This has failed, because that format only works for a very limited time. Now, the powers that be tried to force listener ship. Instead of allowing the Free – market to decide.

How did they do this? well, first off, they PAID advertisers to run ads. Instead of sponsors coming to them. They still can’t figure out why they couldn’t maintain a steady flow of revenue coming in. Sponsors need people to buy their product. If there is a low audience,sponsors will pull out and take their advertising dollars elsewhere.

This is why most Lib groups hate the Right – Wing talk shows. For the fact,they have larger audiences and sponsors,  see a positive in their bottom line,  by advertising with these shows. The audience tends to be product loyal, therefore helping the advertiser and radio station that plays the program.

Which always brings the cliche of boycotting these sponsors. The left cannot compete in the Free – Market, so, they go after them by other means.  They also cry “Not Fair” and try the sympathy card.  Really sad.

Air – America was supposed to bring Right – Wing radio to their level at least. They figured they would take half of the pie. Didn’t work out now did it?  Here is one reason why…   Randi Rhodes a Left talk show host had made accusations, that a bunch of Right – Wing listeners had beating her up because they didn’t agree with her views. She went on the air played up this story and had her fellow Talk – Show hosts talk bad about the Right.

Funny thing happened,the truth had reared its ugly head. The real story was, Randi was at a bar and got really drunk, she left the Bar and had fallen on a curb, knocking her own teeth out.  If only Air – America could debate the issues and have a grown up way of letting their listeners know the difference between them and the other guys.

Instead they try character assassination and lies to win the day. The American public is way to smart for that kind of nonsense, those on the left have a low attitude for the people,where you have the Right realizing,without the people,they have no show.  It’s called respect and sadly only one side of the political spectrum shows that respect.   Is it any wonder why Air – America does not exist today?

Health care to the Supreme Court.  Yes,It’s going to be decided there.  Justice Sotomayor will have to excuse herself from this case. She must do this if she expects any respect from the Judges and American public.  She was very instrumental in helping BHO get his Health care law signed, ( Not to mention the bribes ) Who doesn’t believe she DIDN’T have any talks with BHO about a safe vote in the courts by her?

Now the Dems,being the snakes that they are,are calling on Justice Thomas to excuse himself.  Why? Well,his wife worked for the Heritage Foundation ( A Private Think tank for Conservatives ) They have been the leader for the facts and figures of this Unconstitutional Health care bill.

The trouble with their claim, She quit 2 years before the bill was passed/bribed into law.  Nice Try!  No one can make a Supreme Court Justice excuse himself from hearing a case. Justice Thomas has EVERY right to rule on this. Justice Sotomayor, not so much. Let’s see if a Liberal can take the high road for a change.

I read about another study warning those who drink diet pop. It seems that what is in the diet can have an effect on suffering a stroke or heart attack.  Isn’t that nice?  I don’t drink diet pop. I don’t drink all those “ZERO’ pops. I’m gonna stick with what my body has been used to all my life. Mt. Dew and Tea. Those are my 2 vices and they haven’t failed me yet. Maybe, all those man – made sugars and other ingredients that science comes up with to be better for you are not better.  Anyone remember not having red M&M’s as a kid?  Then in the early 90’s they said “Red dye no.4 does not cause cancer”, so M&M’s were free to introduce them and other new flavors. I guess my point is, We all are going to die, hell,most of us reading this will die within 30 + yrs from now.

LIVE and ENJOY life. Moderation is the key to EVERYTHING. Whatever your vice is, take it easy and don’t be a hog – head.

Way too many people have grown accustomed to our Nanny State.  Telling us what/how to eat and drink.  YOU can police yourself.  Do not look to me,  your neighbor and especially the Government.

This is America ( at least for now )


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