Some 80’s videos, that need to apologize to Mr. Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an Ameri...

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an American boat in California, 1964. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Sunday Feb. 6th,will be the 100th Birthday of Ronald Wilson Reagan. A president that I was proud to call my Commander in Chief. Ronald Reagan will forever be remembered for being the incentive for this country to stand tall and be proud again.

After taking the reins from the failure, that was Jimmy Carter, he was The voice that made US great. He provided great leadership and got the US rolling once more. With his tax cuts and military build up,he was able to show the world,that the US was again the leader in economic and innovation policies.

Now,onto the purpose of my blog. I love the 80’s. The fashions,the attitude and of course,the music videos. However entertaining they were and still are to me,there are a few that I recall, that portray our president as a Cowboy.

Remember this gem?  The man had a lot of moxie. Even though this was a joke caught on a open mic,the media thought the worse of him. Reagan just kept on being himself and full of confidence. Which the Liberals cannot stand. The American people, we love it!

Now, on to the list that I came up with. Here are a few that portrayed our beloved president in a negative. Ronald Reagan was sure to start WWIII,they all proclaimed.

Rush – Distant early warning

The Fixx –   Red Skies At Night

The Call – The walls came down

Genesis – Land of confusion

Sting – Russians

Nena – 99 Luftballoons

Now,I’m sure everyone has seen all these videos at least once. If not,feel free to check out YouTube.

Some of these were innocent enough,they were only riding the what’s hot wave, to MTV airplay. I don’t blame them at all,I’m not or will I ever be as talented or rich as these performers. Again I state, I’m a fan of all these videos. This is my way of honoring Mr. Reagan.

I will break down a few of them. Mr. Sting. Your entry “Russians” was a clever and a low key way to say,”Hey,we all have children,so lets watch out for them” Nice message. In your lyrics you sang,”Mr. Reagan says we will protect you,I don’t subscribe to this point of view.” Really? Hmmm, your song came out in 1985,26 yrs later and I’m for certain YOU’VE BEEN PROTECTED!

Nena,Nena,Nena. Honey,I realize your video was about the Germans freaking out about a Nuke strike and they panicked when all those balloons were released. I call you out, because of an article in which you stated,”I dislike America,therefore I did not want to release the single in English.” Listen up you hairy arm-pitted chick,if MTV did not air your Euro – Trash,would I even be mentioning you in 2011? I think not.

This my friends is THE Granddaddy of Reagan bashing videos.   You managed to portray President Reagan in all of the stereotypes giving to him,by Hollywood,the Press and his political foes. Good job. Really,I mean it. That video was very entertaining,groundbreaking ( for the time) and great watch.

You show him being a bungling fool,unaware of his surroundings and refusal to let go of his past and the Cowboy he really was.

Fast forward through his Presidency and what do you find? A complete 180 of what that video declared.

Im calling on all you artists this weekend to make amends and say,”We apologize”!

None of that Nuke Nightmare happened now did it? Instead you had Russia actually dividing up in smaller countries and (Gasp) becoming  Democratic in their policies. They were brought down WITHOUT a shot! Lets not forget the Berlin wall also coming down. Wow,the fall of the Iron Curtain and the great Berlin wall being knocked down by their own people!

Lets put our hands together (CLAP) on Sunday Feb. 6th and celebrate Nelle Reagan giving birth to Ronald Reagan in 1911. Here’s to my favorite President and may History find even more ways to honor the man you were.


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