Oil Prices, Oil Prices and Oil Prices

Gas Prices

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Did you hear the latest oil discovery in Montana? Probably not. For some strange reason, the nightly news do not seem to think this is a top story. I’ll give you 3 guesses to figure it out and the first 2 don’t count.

In Montana there is enough oil to off set our pain at the pump. Michigan, Louisiana and California can also make the same claim. Those states are in a budget shortfall, this is your get out of debt fast, card. Oil is the way out. Oh, don’t forget the Nuke programs too.

So, why are we sitting on all this oil and doing nothing about it? 3 words, Politics, Politics and Politics. I could also blame the EPA, environmentalists  and the goofball Hollywood types.

I’ll pick on Harrison Ford.  He has a home in beautiful Montana, he left the California lifestyle to get away from it all. Good for him. Trouble is, he brought that Hollywood way of thinking too.

He says don’t ruin the state parks and pristine land that he enjoys. Well Harry, its like this. Not everyone can boast about having 8 top grossing movies of all time on their resume. I know you can handle 5 bucks a gallon for gas.

We can’t!  So,  please give us a break will ya?

After 50 plus years under the Liberal way of funding and implementing social programs, Its time we let a conservative way of doing things take over. Now, I don’t want some half ass concessions, that the Left usually give.

They either give us a short time frame to fix it, or they only let some of the ideas in and with little funding.  After giving us the keys and letting us do what we want, lets look at the results and see whose ideas actually worked.  That’s only fair.

Unions. Have you considered maybe you have fulfilled your purpose and you no longer are needed?  Unions claim to be for workers rights. Yet, they won’t grant the biggest right of all. THE RIGHT TO WORK!  I’ll let you think about that one.

Here is a solution for public workers and their right to bargain against the tax payers. If  you guys would give up the Unions, the dues that you will keep should more than cover the shortfall in your benefit coverage.  I call that a push. Let’s get on that.

It’s funny that the lead singer for the band “Rage against the Machine” is speaking in support of the Wisconsin public workers. Why?

Well this is the same person who was at a benefit for a convicted cop killer, I’m sure the police in Wisconsin would want to question his feelings towards a cop killer. The Left’s hypocrisy knows no bounds!

Last word.  The Community Organizer In Chief sure has a lot of energy for rounding up protests in other states. Sad, he cannot use that energy to focus on the country’s economy, high food and gas prices.


Ranting & Rolling – My Thoughts Running Over

Cincinnatians consume more than two million po...

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Hot Topic, The “Organized” Public Workers Protests.  Sure do have a lot of  out – towners doing the protesting. Special guests, The White House, DNC and Washington Union Leaders. Whats the matter, can’t the Union in Wisconsin do this on their own?

My biggest question.

Where do the Public Worker Unions get their millions to run TV and Radio ads?  Instead of crying / demanding tax increases for your pay and benefits, use your damn advertising budget to make up the shortfall you wanted, but won’t get.

“The States are BROKE”!

What part of that sentence do you fail to understand?


“Things we had yesterday,won’t be here tomorrow”

That statement hits home with me. Ever since 9-11 happened, I take nothing for granted.  The events of 9-11, I take them personally, I get a sick and empty feeling in my gut, whenever I see or read about it.

Too many people in this country have forgotten about it. Some have chosen to, others have been told to. For those who have dismissed it,  I present you with this hard-core fact.

There is evil in the world. Evil that wants to destroy you and I. It doesn’t matter what your sex, race or politics are. This fact cannot be denied.

If all of our enemies laid down their weapons, there will be peace. If we  (The U.S.) laid down our weapons,there will be blood in our streets!

Some may view that as  extreme statements. Remember on 9-11, they didn’t attack our military. They attacked our way of life. over 3,000 plus in those 2 towers, were made up of different races, creeds and sexes. They were attacked for doing their normal routines. Getting up and contributing to society. That’s all. The Terrorists decided to attack innocents that day.

I’ll never forget that cowardly attack, neither should you.


On a lighter subject. Local and regional words and phrases. Here in the Northern Ky / Tri-State area. ( Ohio, Indiana and Ky.)

Out of  Towners may give us a double take when we say…

“Pop”.    You all say “COKE” or SODA when referring to soft drinks.

“Wanna play Cornhole”?  That’s our popular backyard beanbag and board toss game.

“Please”?  Instead of saying “What” or “Huh”

I read that it is an old German custom. In Cincinnati,we have the 2nd biggest Octoberfest  celebration. No.1 is of course, Germany.

“How do you want your 3-way”?  “Would you like to make it a 4-way 0r 5-way”?

Thats our name for Chili & Spaghetti with cheese. Or with onions, or beans.

Visit a Skyline or Goldstar restaurant when in this area. You’ll thank me!




Above the law? Seems that the Obama Administration thinks so.

Oil wells pump throughout Denver City

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A Judge orders the Obama Admin. they cannot stop drilling contracts from proceeding. Ok,the next step would be the Press corps be all over this. Nope. Nada. Nothing.

So, what does the Admin. do about the order?  Ignore it.  Seen the price of gas lately? Remember in ’06 during the Bush years,the complaints from the people and from Dem. politicians?  Nancy Pelosi asking  just what  Bush will do to help the people.  Many on the Left asking them to open up the Strategic Reserves and help lower the cost of fuel.  Rightly so.  Anytime an Admin. can do those things it should be done.  I agree with that criticism that the Bush Admin. got.  However, The President can do very little, prices are controlled by Speculators and OPEC.

Having said all this, where is that same criticism from the Left and the Right?  This Admin. is in contempt of court.  I’ll repeat. They are in contempt of court.  I’ll use the Left rallying cry.  “They don’t care about the poor”  Seems this Admin. doesn’t. Unless its about more control.  I want to see that Judge issue a warrant for those in the Admin. who have disobeyed his ruling.    Well,where are you Dems who hate the price of fuel being so high?  Could it be BHO is protected because he has that D after his name?  We all know the truth.

In 2012 they will too!

High Speed Rail,  is anyone really calling for this,other than Unions, Politicians and activist groups who hate America?  Tell me the purpose for this 50 Billion + program.  One word for you.  AMTRAK.  How is that working out? Red ink year after year, another Government controlled entity that SUCKS!  This to will fail. I wish the Left would stop trying to Europeanize  the US of A.

American people have and always will love their cars.  It’s loving that independence that draws us to our cars. We can go on our schedule. Control the speed of travel time. Stop when were hungry, stop when we see a souvenir or fruit stand. It’s that very freedom that makes our country unique.  The Left does not like the traditional values of this country. Hell, just look at their actions on ANYTHING!  Stop force feeding us. We do not like it!

BHO talks about his budget. He touts all these cuts,but, he also raises the amounts going to other programs.  News Flash… Spending MORE money on other programs is not a cut! Jeez, 3rd grade Math will figure that one out. Then again, Liberals believe 2 + 2 can equal 5 if it makes you feel better. ( That’s a whole different argument for a later date.)

The Presidents cuts won’t begin until AFTER his first term.  Can anyone say election cycle payoffs? How brave of him to do that.

( Sarcasm)

After all is said and done his new Budget will be a 24% INCREASE. I thought this past mid – term elections proved that America wants the spending to stop.

BHO will listen to the Egyptian people, but he ignores his very own citizens…


Now, for a local rant.  The Cincinnati Bengals. This is a classic case of Corporate welfare from the city of Cincinnati. Mikey Boy always gets crap for being a bad owner,but even his critics will admit, “He’s a great businessman”.  I say Bullshit.  Yes, I’ll give him props for taking on the IRS in court and winning. I won’t fall for that great businessman bullshit though.

Think of him as the CEO for Budweiser and he runs that company like the Bengals.  The company only has 1 beer brand.  Little or no advertising budget.(That means no shelling out 3 million for Super Bowl ads.)  Other rivals have a Light beer, other flavors and sales people all over,  promoting and getting their product better,  to compete with other brands.  Just how long does Budweiser stay in business with the Mike Brown way of doing things?

The ONLY reason he is still an owner, the NFL is a Monopoly.  Mike Brown throws the fans a bone every 10 / 12 yrs.  He can afford to do that. Where else is the city going to watch a pro team?

Mike Brown a genius?  No. I call him Sperm Lucky!!!!!

Sarah Palin ( I got your attention)

Mt Dew Bottle

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My latest Rants-  Failed Left – wing talk shows. Let’s go over their format, Host talks about Feelings, Rewrite history, Talking Points from the White House and Feelings. This has failed, because that format only works for a very limited time. Now, the powers that be tried to force listener ship. Instead of allowing the Free – market to decide.

How did they do this? well, first off, they PAID advertisers to run ads. Instead of sponsors coming to them. They still can’t figure out why they couldn’t maintain a steady flow of revenue coming in. Sponsors need people to buy their product. If there is a low audience,sponsors will pull out and take their advertising dollars elsewhere.

This is why most Lib groups hate the Right – Wing talk shows. For the fact,they have larger audiences and sponsors,  see a positive in their bottom line,  by advertising with these shows. The audience tends to be product loyal, therefore helping the advertiser and radio station that plays the program.

Which always brings the cliche of boycotting these sponsors. The left cannot compete in the Free – Market, so, they go after them by other means.  They also cry “Not Fair” and try the sympathy card.  Really sad.

Air – America was supposed to bring Right – Wing radio to their level at least. They figured they would take half of the pie. Didn’t work out now did it?  Here is one reason why…   Randi Rhodes a Left talk show host had made accusations, that a bunch of Right – Wing listeners had beating her up because they didn’t agree with her views. She went on the air played up this story and had her fellow Talk – Show hosts talk bad about the Right.

Funny thing happened,the truth had reared its ugly head. The real story was, Randi was at a bar and got really drunk, she left the Bar and had fallen on a curb, knocking her own teeth out.  If only Air – America could debate the issues and have a grown up way of letting their listeners know the difference between them and the other guys.

Instead they try character assassination and lies to win the day. The American public is way to smart for that kind of nonsense, those on the left have a low attitude for the people,where you have the Right realizing,without the people,they have no show.  It’s called respect and sadly only one side of the political spectrum shows that respect.   Is it any wonder why Air – America does not exist today?

Health care to the Supreme Court.  Yes,It’s going to be decided there.  Justice Sotomayor will have to excuse herself from this case. She must do this if she expects any respect from the Judges and American public.  She was very instrumental in helping BHO get his Health care law signed, ( Not to mention the bribes ) Who doesn’t believe she DIDN’T have any talks with BHO about a safe vote in the courts by her?

Now the Dems,being the snakes that they are,are calling on Justice Thomas to excuse himself.  Why? Well,his wife worked for the Heritage Foundation ( A Private Think tank for Conservatives ) They have been the leader for the facts and figures of this Unconstitutional Health care bill.

The trouble with their claim, She quit 2 years before the bill was passed/bribed into law.  Nice Try!  No one can make a Supreme Court Justice excuse himself from hearing a case. Justice Thomas has EVERY right to rule on this. Justice Sotomayor, not so much. Let’s see if a Liberal can take the high road for a change.

I read about another study warning those who drink diet pop. It seems that what is in the diet can have an effect on suffering a stroke or heart attack.  Isn’t that nice?  I don’t drink diet pop. I don’t drink all those “ZERO’ pops. I’m gonna stick with what my body has been used to all my life. Mt. Dew and Tea. Those are my 2 vices and they haven’t failed me yet. Maybe, all those man – made sugars and other ingredients that science comes up with to be better for you are not better.  Anyone remember not having red M&M’s as a kid?  Then in the early 90’s they said “Red dye no.4 does not cause cancer”, so M&M’s were free to introduce them and other new flavors. I guess my point is, We all are going to die, hell,most of us reading this will die within 30 + yrs from now.

LIVE and ENJOY life. Moderation is the key to EVERYTHING. Whatever your vice is, take it easy and don’t be a hog – head.

Way too many people have grown accustomed to our Nanny State.  Telling us what/how to eat and drink.  YOU can police yourself.  Do not look to me,  your neighbor and especially the Government.

This is America ( at least for now )

Fads I grew up on (1965 – present)

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Being born in the mid sixties I have had my share of fads. Both good and bad. Here is my trip down memory lane…

What I remember in the 60’s – Hippies,My parents wearing bell – bottom pants. Mom having a Bouffant hairstyle,Dad starting to grow his hair longer with side burns. G.I.Joe. Watching the show Laugh-In. Moon Landing on Everything!

Now,the 70’s. Wow,what a strange trip those were. The music,oh so perky,but tragic. Billy Don’t Be A hero, My Little Town,Night The Lights Went out In Ga. Then you have the silly,Kung-Fu Fighting,Disco Duck, The Streak and Convoy. CB Radios and speaking the lingo,I had a shirt with CB phrases on it. But,we didn’t own a CB. Streakers at public events. Big Wheels,Mood Rings,Star Wars (Like The Moon Landing,It was on Everything!) Polyester,Wide ties. Perms for men,Dorthy Hamill cuts for the women. Happy Days,Mork & Mindy,Dukes of Hazzard and the 6 Million $ Man.Beer Can Collections,Gas shortages,Strobe & Black Lights,Posters, The Big Red Machine. 8 Tracks,Jogging Suits,Feathered Hair,Short Shorts. Halter Tops, Nerf  Basketball and Football, Earth Shoes,Satin School Jackets,Waterbeds and SNL. That pretty much explains my childhood.

The 80’s entering High School and ready for the world!  The home game systems got so much better,Arcade Rooms, MTV!,Neon Colors,Spandex,Hair Metal,Hawaiian shirts,Ripped and Acid wash jeans, Rubik’s Cube,Simon, Mullets, Concerts, Loitering and Cruising the town.Uno, Pop Rocks, Teen Movies with Nudity!,Boom Boxes, Cable TV, Disc Cameras, Walkman.

The 90’s I entered adult and parenthood! Grunge Music, Slacker Buddy Movies (Bill & Ted,Waynes World and Beavis & Butthead) Home Computers, Advanced Home game systems.(Nintendo Game Cube) Pay-Per View, Chat Rooms (AOL), Decline of MTV, SUV’s,Video Cameras(size became more portable) Boy Bands, Satellite TV, Cordless Phones.

The start of the Millennium! Reality Shows,The Sopranos,Cell Phones/ Smart Phones,I-Pods,YouTube,Blogging,3D Movies, Superheros in Theaters, Digital Cameras,BHO and FACEBOOK!!!!!

Whew,a lot sure has happened since I was born. Looking forward to the fads of the future. May they bring me great pleasure and some disapprovement.

Imagine if someone had fallen in a coma in the late 70’s and woke up today. Could that person be able to take all this in? that would be one hell of a mind fuck!

Some 80’s videos, that need to apologize to Mr. Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an Ameri...

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an American boat in California, 1964. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Sunday Feb. 6th,will be the 100th Birthday of Ronald Wilson Reagan. A president that I was proud to call my Commander in Chief. Ronald Reagan will forever be remembered for being the incentive for this country to stand tall and be proud again.

After taking the reins from the failure, that was Jimmy Carter, he was The voice that made US great. He provided great leadership and got the US rolling once more. With his tax cuts and military build up,he was able to show the world,that the US was again the leader in economic and innovation policies.

Now,onto the purpose of my blog. I love the 80’s. The fashions,the attitude and of course,the music videos. However entertaining they were and still are to me,there are a few that I recall, that portray our president as a Cowboy.

Remember this gem? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv13ZnkpWos  The man had a lot of moxie. Even though this was a joke caught on a open mic,the media thought the worse of him. Reagan just kept on being himself and full of confidence. Which the Liberals cannot stand. The American people, we love it!

Now, on to the list that I came up with. Here are a few that portrayed our beloved president in a negative. Ronald Reagan was sure to start WWIII,they all proclaimed.

Rush – Distant early warning

The Fixx – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCM4_5uB1ww   Red Skies At Night

The Call – The walls came down http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kX8lqXAONg

Genesis – Land of confusion

Sting – Russians http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHylQRVN2Qs

Nena – 99 Luftballoons

Now,I’m sure everyone has seen all these videos at least once. If not,feel free to check out YouTube.

Some of these were innocent enough,they were only riding the what’s hot wave, to MTV airplay. I don’t blame them at all,I’m not or will I ever be as talented or rich as these performers. Again I state, I’m a fan of all these videos. This is my way of honoring Mr. Reagan.

I will break down a few of them. Mr. Sting. Your entry “Russians” was a clever and a low key way to say,”Hey,we all have children,so lets watch out for them” Nice message. In your lyrics you sang,”Mr. Reagan says we will protect you,I don’t subscribe to this point of view.” Really? Hmmm, your song came out in 1985,26 yrs later and I’m for certain YOU’VE BEEN PROTECTED!

Nena,Nena,Nena. Honey,I realize your video was about the Germans freaking out about a Nuke strike and they panicked when all those balloons were released. I call you out, because of an article in which you stated,”I dislike America,therefore I did not want to release the single in English.” Listen up you hairy arm-pitted chick,if MTV did not air your Euro – Trash,would I even be mentioning you in 2011? I think not.

This my friends is THE Granddaddy of Reagan bashing videos.http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvx2n_genesis-land-of-confusion_music?search_algo=2   You managed to portray President Reagan in all of the stereotypes giving to him,by Hollywood,the Press and his political foes. Good job. Really,I mean it. That video was very entertaining,groundbreaking ( for the time) and great watch.

You show him being a bungling fool,unaware of his surroundings and refusal to let go of his past and the Cowboy he really was.

Fast forward through his Presidency and what do you find? A complete 180 of what that video declared.

Im calling on all you artists this weekend to make amends and say,”We apologize”!

None of that Nuke Nightmare happened now did it? Instead you had Russia actually dividing up in smaller countries and (Gasp) becoming  Democratic in their policies. They were brought down WITHOUT a shot! Lets not forget the Berlin wall also coming down. Wow,the fall of the Iron Curtain and the great Berlin wall being knocked down by their own people!

Lets put our hands together (CLAP) on Sunday Feb. 6th and celebrate Nelle Reagan giving birth to Ronald Reagan in 1911. Here’s to my favorite President and may History find even more ways to honor the man you were.