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Driving around today I began to wonder,what is the real reason for all these snow days? Ignoring the obvious,I had a theory. Lawsuits and Insurance costs. I talked to 3 other people who have school ties,and could educate me on the reasons.

When any snow fall is producing more than an inch or two,in most cases,school will be closed. This means they rely on the local weather to determine this.Then they have to deal with parents calls. As soon as snow is broadcast,their office is bombarded with questions and statements. There is no doubt the headaches involved over the decision to close.

There are good and bad parents that weigh in and the school will side with closing. Now,it wasn’t always like this.Im 45 and went to a small school,where 95% walked. Also,our parents didn’t harass the school when they did remain open. Now,too many complain about how cold and snowy for little Johnny to attend. What happened to the frontier spirit? Did the lawyers and politicians stifle it?

Yes. yes they did. Schools have to receive their money from the State,and they are beholden to the rules and regulations forced on to them.One way of making a change. Parental involvement. Start with the PTA,Open House and setting up private chats with the teachers. Every teacher I know are all to happy to discuss one on one with the Parents.Then,you start by voting your School Board. Get to know these people. Now,you can take your issues up at the State level,where the rules are made.

Its time to reverse the Nanny state of mind. It has bled into too much of our daily lives. Funny,all 3 people had one common denominator for their solutions, PARENTS !!!!

I’m a courier so I have the luxury of enjoying my radio while working. However,there are times when meeting the customers,the radio can be a bad thing. When your at a customer location and the customer is right by your truck,do not get caught listening to these 3 songs. (Like I have)

1) Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood.  You will get laughed at.

2) Do You Really Want To Hurt Me – Culture Club. You get that,who farted? facial expression.

3) Its Raining Men – The Weather Girls.  You get the raised eyebrows look.

Now, in my defense,those 3 songs came on after a good 80’s song had just ended,and I was too slow to change the station. I can laugh at myself now,but believe me,when that happened, I was embarrassed!

The Super Bowl teams have been decided,notice I said decided,not announced(Are you listening,BCS?)

The Steelers and Packers will man up and give us a great game. Im sure the NFL is happy with those two teams. Look at the tradition between them both. Imagine if Seattle would have won,there are some still crying over the fact that they were even in the playoffs with a losing record. Thats what makes the PLAYOFFS great. They couldn’t help the fact that their Division was sub-par. They won and then they beat the defending champs, New Orleans. This is the beauty of the system. The underdog has a shot. No computer or board members picking teams.

As with a lot of people I’m looking forward to the commercials,2 of them have my attention. The THOR and Captain America trailers. I’m sure Bud and Pepsi will please with their entries also.

Update: I’m still sick of the current snowfall and the oncoming snow storm that is predicted.  Spring needs to hit on time.


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