Thoughts on Health Care run by Bureaucrats

Socialized medicine

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To start with, its UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Let me add these factoids. As of right now,the Federal Government has front loaded this bill. We will be paying taxes on this for 4 years before the bulk of the plan is even started. That’s like a very piss poor lay- away plan. Imagine if you have  school clothes in lay-away for the new year,and when you go to pay on them,you are told,Sorry,but even though your paying for this,we can’t allow you to receive all your items and after 4 years of paying,they determine which items you will be allowed to have.

Sounds like a crappy idea now doesn’t it?

Here’s some more. This Health care will be handled and sorted out from the strongest of Lobbyists and Union reps. So,imagine this, say you have pancreas cancer,you need a lot of medical attention.However,its been determined that the people on the panel  (Yes,those Death Panels,Sarah warned us about)  discussing your case, are not backed by the strongest of  (ahem ) advisers. Now,the patient with AIDS has that strong lobby on their side,so the money you need,will now be directed to the AIDS patient.

Understand now?

This whole Health care takeover smacks us with a very Socialistic program. Remember,Socialism is for the people,never the Socialist. Don’t agree? name your favorite Dictator and see how he is treated,and how lavish his lifestyle is. When Fidel Castro was sick,and need expert physicians,did he stay in Cuba? (They have Socialized Medicine) No,he was flown off the island and to another country for a top physician to care for him.

The Nanny state, that has taken over a large proportion of this country,will continue to expect the Government to take care of their every need. Tough decisions must be taken to ween us off the U.S. tit. Socialism hasn’t and never will be successful.

We are a Capitalist country and we have grown and succeeded because of it. We cannot afford this Federal takeover of Health care.

Some will disagree with my statements, fine,I want you to break my arguments. I’m confident you cannot.


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