Off The Top Of My Head (again)

No Fairness Doctrine

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With the Arizona shootings a week old these things have come to mind. Introducing the “Fairness Doctrine” (for the 88th time). Not a scientific finding but (read title of article) I find it strange that with the Fairness Doctrine we had these tragedies. JFK,RFK and MLK all shot and killed. We had Ronald Reagan shot at in 1981. Reagan got rid of the doctrine and we have only 1 political shooting without the Fairness Doctrine. Hmmm,what say you Democrats?

Remember the Duke Lacrosse rape a few yrs ago?Well,we know now,it wasnt a rape. The Left’s mantra was to accuse and destroy those “White” privileged,private College kids. So,many were quick to announce their guilt because of the Victims status. (Black,Community College attending and hard-working struggling woman ) without any real evidence other than She said,He said.

Why do they continue to jump the gun and look like complete idiots afterwards? This is their attempt to silence those they disagree with politically. They cannot beat them at the ballot box or TV ratings. Amazingly, Left – Wing news hosts are leading the charge for censorship. They have seen and heard their audiences leave,while Talk Radio  (conservative) and Fox news have grown ten fold.

They need a demon to go after,and that has been mostly Sarah Palin. My gosh,just how much hatred and lies must this woman endure? They bring her into the Arizona shootings saying she may have pulled the trigger herself. Then,after taking a weekend of non stop finger-pointing from these left-wing idiots,she finally responds.

Then they go after her,for this, “Why Does Sarah Have To  Make This About Her” commentary. Damned if she does,Damned if she don’t!

You know what is really funny about the Left  (in a sick way)? They would kiss Ronald Reagan’s dead ass to have a Sarah Palin in their corner. Hillary and Pelosi would have a BFF,Chris Matthews would have more than a tingle running down his leg and Rachel Maddow would be licking her lips (both of them).

As the old saying goes,”What doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger” applies to Conservatives and of course, Sarah Palin.


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