The Sopranos revisited

The Sopranos Title Screen

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This Christmas my Daughter Randi gave me THE complete box set of “The Sopranos”. I waited a little over a week to start viewing it. I wanted to wait so I could sit down and watch without the usual interruptions. Wow. I knew it would be great viewing,but did not realize just how hard it would be to limit the number of disks each night.

My wife has joined me from disk one.We  grab our supper plates and head into the living room.We will watch about 5 episodes each night. It’s like reading a good book,and refuse to put it down.

The first season started in 1999.(Seems like a lifetime ago) We have been so entertained and have spent some great quality time together.Even though we have seen the series when it ran on HBO,its been a refreshing reminder,just how great that show was and is.

Great writing,cast members being likable. Make this one of the all-time great shows. My reason for loving this show has been the way the viewer can connect to Tony and his family. Not the Mob part,but the reminder that no matter who,or what you do,we all share the same stress and problems of raising a family. Tony is someone you root for and actually care about.

Thats the magic of TV. The escape it brings the viewers while watching it. No one wants to be close to a REAL MOB boss. They are murderous,thieving low lives. This show,with all their talent,makes you put that aside and be drawn into their world. Thats why it was so successful in its run on HBO.

As a fan,I want to see something else  happen with Tony and his family. The final scene at the diner, gave me mixed emotions. I want a better conclusion,a solid goodbye.

I have a feeling,once we sit through all the seasons,we may come away with a better understanding why the show ended the way it did.

Well,until that last disk is put in,we shall continue to enjoy each other and be entertained watching Tony and the rest of the cast live out their great adventure. Thanks HBO and Randi!


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