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Driving around today I began to wonder,what is the real reason for all these snow days? Ignoring the obvious,I had a theory. Lawsuits and Insurance costs. I talked to 3 other people who have school ties,and could educate me on the reasons.

When any snow fall is producing more than an inch or two,in most cases,school will be closed. This means they rely on the local weather to determine this.Then they have to deal with parents calls. As soon as snow is broadcast,their office is bombarded with questions and statements. There is no doubt the headaches involved over the decision to close.

There are good and bad parents that weigh in and the school will side with closing. Now,it wasn’t always like this.Im 45 and went to a small school,where 95% walked. Also,our parents didn’t harass the school when they did remain open. Now,too many complain about how cold and snowy for little Johnny to attend. What happened to the frontier spirit? Did the lawyers and politicians stifle it?

Yes. yes they did. Schools have to receive their money from the State,and they are beholden to the rules and regulations forced on to them.One way of making a change. Parental involvement. Start with the PTA,Open House and setting up private chats with the teachers. Every teacher I know are all to happy to discuss one on one with the Parents.Then,you start by voting your School Board. Get to know these people. Now,you can take your issues up at the State level,where the rules are made.

Its time to reverse the Nanny state of mind. It has bled into too much of our daily lives. Funny,all 3 people had one common denominator for their solutions, PARENTS !!!!

I’m a courier so I have the luxury of enjoying my radio while working. However,there are times when meeting the customers,the radio can be a bad thing. When your at a customer location and the customer is right by your truck,do not get caught listening to these 3 songs. (Like I have)

1) Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood.  You will get laughed at.

2) Do You Really Want To Hurt Me – Culture Club. You get that,who farted? facial expression.

3) Its Raining Men – The Weather Girls.  You get the raised eyebrows look.

Now, in my defense,those 3 songs came on after a good 80’s song had just ended,and I was too slow to change the station. I can laugh at myself now,but believe me,when that happened, I was embarrassed!

The Super Bowl teams have been decided,notice I said decided,not announced(Are you listening,BCS?)

The Steelers and Packers will man up and give us a great game. Im sure the NFL is happy with those two teams. Look at the tradition between them both. Imagine if Seattle would have won,there are some still crying over the fact that they were even in the playoffs with a losing record. Thats what makes the PLAYOFFS great. They couldn’t help the fact that their Division was sub-par. They won and then they beat the defending champs, New Orleans. This is the beauty of the system. The underdog has a shot. No computer or board members picking teams.

As with a lot of people I’m looking forward to the commercials,2 of them have my attention. The THOR and Captain America trailers. I’m sure Bud and Pepsi will please with their entries also.

Update: I’m still sick of the current snowfall and the oncoming snow storm that is predicted.  Spring needs to hit on time.


Brain Stew Droppings

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Wow,so many things have come to mind,I don’t really know where to start. I’ll make it easy,Politics.

It looks like BHO will be moving towards the center. I guess that pep talk from ole’ Bill hit home. The SOTU will be presented tomorrow.BHO is expected to announce that his ready to tackle the economy. I ask,”What took you so long”? Now,before all you Independents start raising his poll numbers,remember he is only talking about the economy and job creation.

His actions on the subjects have been ignored the last 2 years,so,what will make this speech anymore inspiring to you? I know how your brains work. Your kind of feeling guilty about the way you left him this past November. You voted with your brains ,along with real Conservatives to put in power the Republicans.

With the recent talk about wanting to loosen up restrictions on businesses, mentioning Ronald Reagan’s’ name and the sympathy regarding the Tuscon shootings,your just aching to get on board again. How about taking a deep breath and wait and see what happens after the SOTU.Ok? Good.

My recent fascination with vending machine trinkets,what are these,you ask? You know the 50 cent, 75 cent machines at your local grocery / retail stores. I have been collecting the plastic shot glasses with NFL logos on them. Before that I was buying these ballcaps with MLB and NFL teams. They are sitting on my computer desk all lined up and I really have no reason for it. I’ll chalk it up to boredom and doing something on an impulse. Who knows in a month or two,they will wind up in a box or thrown out.

I have other stuff on my “Command Center”. Bumper stickers,hot wheels,gargoyles,pictures and an old beer can from the 80’s. I think they call it my “Flair” if you’ve seen “Office Space”,you’ll get my drift. I don’t have an office,or work in a cube -farm,so this is my way of pretending that I do.

Too bad,cause I think I would be the envy of my peers!!! Not everyone can say they have Cap’n Americas shield hanging in front of their work station.

Public Transportation. Being in the Greater Cincinnati Area,that topic has been a hot one. In downtown Cincy,they are wanting to add streetcars to connect parts of the city to other “Hot spots”. If you know Cincinnati s council, then you know what a mess of things they are capable of doing.  The city is in the red. They are laying off public service workers,ie cops and firemen, but still have money to study and fund this project. It will be a major failure. Do what TANK has done. Paint buses to look like the old trolleys and save a boatload of money. They wont,and they will continue to fall further into debt and people and businesses will just cross the river into NKY. Good!

Im so sick of the cold and snow. Enough said.

Pitchers & Catchers report next month,that warms me up just thinking about that!

Thoughts on Health Care run by Bureaucrats

Socialized medicine

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To start with, its UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Let me add these factoids. As of right now,the Federal Government has front loaded this bill. We will be paying taxes on this for 4 years before the bulk of the plan is even started. That’s like a very piss poor lay- away plan. Imagine if you have  school clothes in lay-away for the new year,and when you go to pay on them,you are told,Sorry,but even though your paying for this,we can’t allow you to receive all your items and after 4 years of paying,they determine which items you will be allowed to have.

Sounds like a crappy idea now doesn’t it?

Here’s some more. This Health care will be handled and sorted out from the strongest of Lobbyists and Union reps. So,imagine this, say you have pancreas cancer,you need a lot of medical attention.However,its been determined that the people on the panel  (Yes,those Death Panels,Sarah warned us about)  discussing your case, are not backed by the strongest of  (ahem ) advisers. Now,the patient with AIDS has that strong lobby on their side,so the money you need,will now be directed to the AIDS patient.

Understand now?

This whole Health care takeover smacks us with a very Socialistic program. Remember,Socialism is for the people,never the Socialist. Don’t agree? name your favorite Dictator and see how he is treated,and how lavish his lifestyle is. When Fidel Castro was sick,and need expert physicians,did he stay in Cuba? (They have Socialized Medicine) No,he was flown off the island and to another country for a top physician to care for him.

The Nanny state, that has taken over a large proportion of this country,will continue to expect the Government to take care of their every need. Tough decisions must be taken to ween us off the U.S. tit. Socialism hasn’t and never will be successful.

We are a Capitalist country and we have grown and succeeded because of it. We cannot afford this Federal takeover of Health care.

Some will disagree with my statements, fine,I want you to break my arguments. I’m confident you cannot.

Off The Top Of My Head (again)

No Fairness Doctrine

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With the Arizona shootings a week old these things have come to mind. Introducing the “Fairness Doctrine” (for the 88th time). Not a scientific finding but (read title of article) I find it strange that with the Fairness Doctrine we had these tragedies. JFK,RFK and MLK all shot and killed. We had Ronald Reagan shot at in 1981. Reagan got rid of the doctrine and we have only 1 political shooting without the Fairness Doctrine. Hmmm,what say you Democrats?

Remember the Duke Lacrosse rape a few yrs ago?Well,we know now,it wasnt a rape. The Left’s mantra was to accuse and destroy those “White” privileged,private College kids. So,many were quick to announce their guilt because of the Victims status. (Black,Community College attending and hard-working struggling woman ) without any real evidence other than She said,He said.

Why do they continue to jump the gun and look like complete idiots afterwards? This is their attempt to silence those they disagree with politically. They cannot beat them at the ballot box or TV ratings. Amazingly, Left – Wing news hosts are leading the charge for censorship. They have seen and heard their audiences leave,while Talk Radio  (conservative) and Fox news have grown ten fold.

They need a demon to go after,and that has been mostly Sarah Palin. My gosh,just how much hatred and lies must this woman endure? They bring her into the Arizona shootings saying she may have pulled the trigger herself. Then,after taking a weekend of non stop finger-pointing from these left-wing idiots,she finally responds.

Then they go after her,for this, “Why Does Sarah Have To  Make This About Her” commentary. Damned if she does,Damned if she don’t!

You know what is really funny about the Left  (in a sick way)? They would kiss Ronald Reagan’s dead ass to have a Sarah Palin in their corner. Hillary and Pelosi would have a BFF,Chris Matthews would have more than a tingle running down his leg and Rachel Maddow would be licking her lips (both of them).

As the old saying goes,”What doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger” applies to Conservatives and of course, Sarah Palin.

New Media Soundly Defeats Left-Wing Media’s Political Witch Hunt

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New Media Soundly Defeats Left-Wing Media’s Political Witch Hunt.

What a great article. I’ve been saying,this will make the Tea- party and Sarah Palin much stronger. I guess the Left didn’t care about last Mid – Term results.

The fact that we had to be on the defensive since Saturday speaks a sad reality. Here it is on Wednesday and there is still a smattering of people still blaming the Right.

The good news is,that Sheriff who has been running his political left mouth,has come under fire and his record of not reporting or looking at that shooter is going to be big. The truth will set you free. Sometimes it takes a while,but,truth finds its way.

The Sopranos revisited

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This Christmas my Daughter Randi gave me THE complete box set of “The Sopranos”. I waited a little over a week to start viewing it. I wanted to wait so I could sit down and watch without the usual interruptions. Wow. I knew it would be great viewing,but did not realize just how hard it would be to limit the number of disks each night.

My wife has joined me from disk one.We  grab our supper plates and head into the living room.We will watch about 5 episodes each night. It’s like reading a good book,and refuse to put it down.

The first season started in 1999.(Seems like a lifetime ago) We have been so entertained and have spent some great quality time together.Even though we have seen the series when it ran on HBO,its been a refreshing reminder,just how great that show was and is.

Great writing,cast members being likable. Make this one of the all-time great shows. My reason for loving this show has been the way the viewer can connect to Tony and his family. Not the Mob part,but the reminder that no matter who,or what you do,we all share the same stress and problems of raising a family. Tony is someone you root for and actually care about.

Thats the magic of TV. The escape it brings the viewers while watching it. No one wants to be close to a REAL MOB boss. They are murderous,thieving low lives. This show,with all their talent,makes you put that aside and be drawn into their world. Thats why it was so successful in its run on HBO.

As a fan,I want to see something else  happen with Tony and his family. The final scene at the diner, gave me mixed emotions. I want a better conclusion,a solid goodbye.

I have a feeling,once we sit through all the seasons,we may come away with a better understanding why the show ended the way it did.

Well,until that last disk is put in,we shall continue to enjoy each other and be entertained watching Tony and the rest of the cast live out their great adventure. Thanks HBO and Randi!

A World of Choices: If Hollywood Won’t Deliver, I Can Now Go Elsewhere

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A World of Choices: If Hollywood Won’t Deliver, I Can Now Go Elsewhere.

This is Spot On! The man in these videos speaks everybody’s mind(with Common Sense ) Very articulate and passionate. whats really great about him? He Is RIGHT!!!!  Thats why you saw an ass-whooping in the midterm election. The American People are feeling this way. Its BOTH parties,that have done the harm,Of course the Dems have done the most damage than the Repubs. Watch this guy,embrace the yelling and you’ll come away saying,”Yes,I feel that way too”!