My Political Platform,Part 1 & 2

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Stop the flow of local and (some) state taxes,going to Washington. Only to be sorted out and divided up to cities that have blown their budgets and now want Federal help.

Why should tax payers in KY. pay for  “Pet” projects in San Fransisco,that has become a sanctuary city for Illegal Immigrants?

If they want to harbor Illegals then make your citizens foot the bill. If we make those cities be responsible for their bad decisions,maybe,just maybe they would be less aggressive in asking for the Federal security blanket,known as Bailout money from the American Taxpayer.

Social Security,time to tackle the program that Politicians love to have pay for their other programs. Im 45 yrs. old. I dont expect any return in my money that was forcefully taken from me on a weekly basis. I want people under 52 yrs of age to have the CHOICE of withdrawing our money from the federal hands and letting US be in 100% control of it. It would do 2 positive things immediately.

1) Boost the economy overnight.

2) It would let more people plan for retirement and make it happen when they choose it to. Therefore freeing up jobs that could go to Students and other people looking for Part-Time employment.

These are a simple solutions that would help this country and its citizens.

Lets make America great again!


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