15 movies from your childhood, to rewatch with your kids

Opening logo to the Star Wars films

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I disagree with this list with the exception of The Lion King and the ORIGINAL 3 Star Wars movies. Reason being, the invention of DVDs, cable networks and remakes.

Ill explain. All of these with the exception of Lion King have been played to death on cable.(No.10 I haven’t heard of ya,sorry!) Disney does it smart,by limiting their releases (Classics) on DVD. that movie came out in the 90’s and just try to remember the last time you watched it. Most cannot.Therefore it is one of those to re-watch again with the kids.

TNT,TBS has RUINED A Christmas story for me. It came out in 83,forgotten about for a few years and then it was SLOWLY brought back on Movie Channels and at Christmas Time. Then,the worst happened. A network executive decided on a 24 hr marathon. MISTAKE! Burn-out comes to mind. I cant and wont watch it again. They can burn every copy,I wont miss it.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate factory. Remade and title changed. Now,the kids think when they see the original, that its a different movie and wonder why Johnny Depp isnt in it creeping them out!

Neverending story = Boring. Same thing for Labyrinth.  Im not real big into slapstick(15-20 mins. tops, is all I can endure) so, Home Alone never really stuck with me. I wont even bring up those lame sequels.

Roger Rabbit has humor in it that goes over their heads. adults can appreciate the gathering of Classic toons being in the same movie. Kids though,they don’t have a clue on why that was special.

Ill give some props to E.T, Hook and Wizard of Oz ( Flying Monkeys gets everyone’s attention)

Princess Bride,UGH, O V E R R A T E D!

Monster Squad ????

The Goonies,didn’t hold up over time.

My favorite on here is the original Star Wars Trilogy. Not the ones that Lucas went back and added explosions, repeated dialogue and Jabba slothing around in a hangar bay.

I can remember sitting in the theater watching that giant star-cruiser explode through the screen and being in awe. Those movies had the charm and at the time, special FX that wasn’t matched for years to come.  They will always hold dear to my heart.


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