Merry Christmas 2010

Lost In Space

Image by Cayusa via Flickr

Hello. I hope everyone out there had a very merry Christmas this year. With having my son out of school and a daughter in the NAVY,Christmas has taking on a different feel. Don’t get me wrong,I still love this holiday and this year it is special(see previous posts).

I look back and have great memories as a kid and a parent on Christmas. I remember hearing the adults comment on Christmas being special for the kids. I never really thought about it much,until I became older and then a parent. I was very blessed to have a loving family and relatives make Christmas a time to celebrate.

As a youngster,I recall singing songs and just being in a great mood during Christmas. I have received a lot of special presents,some more so than others. I don’t want to down play anything I received, again, all had great meaning and love.

I do though have 2 gifts that seem to standout to this day. When I was 5 or 6,I loved the show,”Lost In space”. I remember watching this with my Dad. The gift I asked Santa for was the Robot from that show. I was so taking in with that thing. the first time I saw one at the toy store,I knew I had to have it.

So,that year,Santa was very good to me,and put it under our silver tree with the carousal light fixture. Ahh,the early seventies!

Our apt. had hardwood floors and linoleum in the kitchen. That was perfect for my robot to move all over the place. The fun I had, is still  burned into my brain.

The 2nd gift that sticks out was the G.I. JOE Headquarters. Just about every boy in 72,73 had a G.I. JOE. I had quit a collection,through yard sales and birthday presents. That Christmas,my Aunt Mary came through and gave me what I needed to round out my G.I. JOE collection. That thing was awesome. It had the same setup as the Barbie suitcases that doubled as a house or poolside. This was manly! It had a weapons room, meeting room and a command center. I was good to go! Later I got the Helicopter and Jeep,but that Headquarters was the pinnacle of my collection.

I would like to say thanks to my wife and kids for all the great presents they have given me. I do cherish everything I get. Tomorrow will be another chapter in great Christmas’ in my life.

But,for those early childhood Christmas’,those will always have a special place in my heart and brain.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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