Man,Am I tired? (Yes I Am)


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It’s been a few weeks since my last post. Reason? Working 6 days a week,and staying out for 10 hrs a day. Being a Fed-Ex driver,the Christmas season is our busiest time. I’ve had so many ideas while driving around,I’ve wanted to come in here and post them. Some were really “Gold”,while others.”Meh”.

I could go on and on about the political landscape. It has been up and down these last 3 weeks. First,they make a deal with the extension of the bush Tax Cuts,then,they add it to the budget and then all Hell breaks loose. It was good to see them drop the pork budget and stay with the Bush Tax and more unemployment bennies.

Christmas time 2010 will be a special and memorable one. My daughter Randi is coming home for Leave. She is in the Navy,currently in “A” school and soon to be in “C” school. Her orders will take her to the USS Makin Island LHD 8. An amphibious assault  ship. stationed in San Diego.

Getting back to my exhaustion, I love my work, but sometimes it has its minor problems. Most by the way, are not caused by me. The biggest problem,Addresses! Sounds simple enough. If people would use common sense in applying them,my world would be so much nicer.

Most common mistakes, Using the “fancy” gold plated numbers on tan bricks or light colored houses .People,you cannot see them from the road going 25-35 mph. Location of the numbers, idea place? over the garage or front door. Do not be cute and put them on a rock,under the” never been trimmed bush” by the porch. Oh,cant forget the ones located on little Johnny’s 4-H project that hangs 15 feet in a tree,with the faded out paint numbers on the plaque! My favorite? the country mile long driveway with the row of mailboxes,Im supposed to match with each house.

The amount of stops and pieces this year has surpassed last year. That’s a good thing. Living in the northern Ky. area,we are truly blessed with employment and economy issues. Reading economic results across the country have been mostly bad. Go anywhere in Greater Cincinnati on a weekend,you’ll find packed Malls,Restaurants and Movie theaters.  Also,look at the new construction of retail and eatery places going on. Yes,we are lucky around these parts. Could it be better? Yes and I believe it will get better.

Well,being tired takes away your creativity.Hopefully,in the New Year Ill be back in tip-top form.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each one of you who has viewed this blog.


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