Al Sharpton Meeting With FCC To Shut Down Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh at CPAC in February 2009.

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Al Sharpton Meeting With FCC To Shut Down Limbaugh.

Hahaha what a loon Sharpton is. Why do media outlets give this man ANY credibility? The story he cites about Rush being racist is so typical.

When my daughter was in High School,I used to pick her up when she was dismissed early. One day,I had Rush on,and it was the show,that Rush was reading the LA based writer with the headline,”Obama the Magic Negro”. Soon after Rush read the article,he predicted that people on the left,would blame HIM,for the name calling and proceed to cast him a racist.

I turned to my daughter and asked her if she heard what he just said. She looked at me and with disbelief ,said How could they blame Rush for being racist?

Well,after a couple days,I told her that the MSM had picked up on Rush saying Magic Negro and sure enough they were blaming him.

Rush never letting an opportunity go by,had on his show a parody song,the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon was used in Barack the Magic Negro song. Now,yrs later,we still have sharpton using an old and FALSE story to bring down Rush.

When will these stupid Libs learn to deal with Rush and the rest of talk radio? They have tried on numerous times to “counter” Conservative radio. They have failed each and everytime. Why? because the listeners can only listen to feelings and put downs for so long,they need substance too.

Conservative radio is both entertaining and informative.

Get over it,will you!?


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