Off the top of my head…

Custom Santa Suit,

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Wow,there really is a Santa Claus! In the name of getting that tax break to stay where it is. Old BHO came through with the Repubs. Who would have thunk it? Really,did BHO have a choice? I say no.

On one hand,if he would have stayed the course,the tax code would have went up on Jan. 1st. Causing great pleasure on the left. They believe in income distribution,which is what tax breaks for some really are. On the other hand,he does what the Repubs want and extends them for everybody and now,pisses off his Leftwing base. either way,he was screwed.

The man painted himself in a corner. Why? he and House Dems didnt want to do it before the mid-terms,because it wasn’t a benefit for them. So,he gambled and lost. I predict,if this does get passed(No guarantee,some Dems are vowing to stop the deal) BHO will face a Primary challenge in 2012. Copy it and Paste it my friends.

Mt. Dew plastic caps. Have you seen these? The newer bottles are reducing plastic (Environmentalists thing) The caps are so much smaller,you need freakin’ vise-grips to open it up!

You barely have room for the thumb and finger to twist it off. I say,Stop It! 1/8th less plastic makes a difference on your grip,not so much for a freakin’ landfill!

Rock groups I wish would be wiped off radios playlists…Stevie Ray Vaughn,Dokken/Lynchmob,Tesla,REO Speedwagon (Except Back on the road again) Mandatory Metalica Hour. Enough is Enough.

Im a rabid listener of XM radio and They play these groups way too much. thankfully,I dont listen to FM alot,but the Program directors wet dream,Mandatory Metalica, has run its course 5 yrs ago! They were a band that went from no airplay to” Hey their on MTV, Cool”, to cliche. How sad.


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