My Political Platform,Part 1 & 2

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Stop the flow of local and (some) state taxes,going to Washington. Only to be sorted out and divided up to cities that have blown their budgets and now want Federal help.

Why should tax payers in KY. pay for  “Pet” projects in San Fransisco,that has become a sanctuary city for Illegal Immigrants?

If they want to harbor Illegals then make your citizens foot the bill. If we make those cities be responsible for their bad decisions,maybe,just maybe they would be less aggressive in asking for the Federal security blanket,known as Bailout money from the American Taxpayer.

Social Security,time to tackle the program that Politicians love to have pay for their other programs. Im 45 yrs. old. I dont expect any return in my money that was forcefully taken from me on a weekly basis. I want people under 52 yrs of age to have the CHOICE of withdrawing our money from the federal hands and letting US be in 100% control of it. It would do 2 positive things immediately.

1) Boost the economy overnight.

2) It would let more people plan for retirement and make it happen when they choose it to. Therefore freeing up jobs that could go to Students and other people looking for Part-Time employment.

These are a simple solutions that would help this country and its citizens.

Lets make America great again!


Juan Williams is Right, Palin Can’t Stand on Same Intellectual Stage as Obama

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Juan Williams is Right, Palin Can’t Stand on Same Intellectual Stage as Obama.

Home Run! Touchdown!Goal! Game, Set and Match!

This article is soooo spot on,its not legal! My gosh,what a straight shooting FACT based article. Did I mention that i loved this?

What is great about this,I wont be alone in agreement. There are Millions that will read this and say Amen,Sister!

The mid-terms in 2010,was a precursor to whats to come in 2012. The Tea-Party,Bloggers and ordinary people that are and still fed up with ALL in Washington.

Why do they forget,that they work for the people? Not the other way around!

Lets keep up the E-Mails and Blogs and gatherings.  Our country depends on it!

15 movies from your childhood, to rewatch with your kids

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I disagree with this list with the exception of The Lion King and the ORIGINAL 3 Star Wars movies. Reason being, the invention of DVDs, cable networks and remakes.

Ill explain. All of these with the exception of Lion King have been played to death on cable.(No.10 I haven’t heard of ya,sorry!) Disney does it smart,by limiting their releases (Classics) on DVD. that movie came out in the 90’s and just try to remember the last time you watched it. Most cannot.Therefore it is one of those to re-watch again with the kids.

TNT,TBS has RUINED A Christmas story for me. It came out in 83,forgotten about for a few years and then it was SLOWLY brought back on Movie Channels and at Christmas Time. Then,the worst happened. A network executive decided on a 24 hr marathon. MISTAKE! Burn-out comes to mind. I cant and wont watch it again. They can burn every copy,I wont miss it.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate factory. Remade and title changed. Now,the kids think when they see the original, that its a different movie and wonder why Johnny Depp isnt in it creeping them out!

Neverending story = Boring. Same thing for Labyrinth.  Im not real big into slapstick(15-20 mins. tops, is all I can endure) so, Home Alone never really stuck with me. I wont even bring up those lame sequels.

Roger Rabbit has humor in it that goes over their heads. adults can appreciate the gathering of Classic toons being in the same movie. Kids though,they don’t have a clue on why that was special.

Ill give some props to E.T, Hook and Wizard of Oz ( Flying Monkeys gets everyone’s attention)

Princess Bride,UGH, O V E R R A T E D!

Monster Squad ????

The Goonies,didn’t hold up over time.

My favorite on here is the original Star Wars Trilogy. Not the ones that Lucas went back and added explosions, repeated dialogue and Jabba slothing around in a hangar bay.

I can remember sitting in the theater watching that giant star-cruiser explode through the screen and being in awe. Those movies had the charm and at the time, special FX that wasn’t matched for years to come.  They will always hold dear to my heart.

Merry Christmas 2010

Lost In Space

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Hello. I hope everyone out there had a very merry Christmas this year. With having my son out of school and a daughter in the NAVY,Christmas has taking on a different feel. Don’t get me wrong,I still love this holiday and this year it is special(see previous posts).

I look back and have great memories as a kid and a parent on Christmas. I remember hearing the adults comment on Christmas being special for the kids. I never really thought about it much,until I became older and then a parent. I was very blessed to have a loving family and relatives make Christmas a time to celebrate.

As a youngster,I recall singing songs and just being in a great mood during Christmas. I have received a lot of special presents,some more so than others. I don’t want to down play anything I received, again, all had great meaning and love.

I do though have 2 gifts that seem to standout to this day. When I was 5 or 6,I loved the show,”Lost In space”. I remember watching this with my Dad. The gift I asked Santa for was the Robot from that show. I was so taking in with that thing. the first time I saw one at the toy store,I knew I had to have it.

So,that year,Santa was very good to me,and put it under our silver tree with the carousal light fixture. Ahh,the early seventies!

Our apt. had hardwood floors and linoleum in the kitchen. That was perfect for my robot to move all over the place. The fun I had, is still  burned into my brain.

The 2nd gift that sticks out was the G.I. JOE Headquarters. Just about every boy in 72,73 had a G.I. JOE. I had quit a collection,through yard sales and birthday presents. That Christmas,my Aunt Mary came through and gave me what I needed to round out my G.I. JOE collection. That thing was awesome. It had the same setup as the Barbie suitcases that doubled as a house or poolside. This was manly! It had a weapons room, meeting room and a command center. I was good to go! Later I got the Helicopter and Jeep,but that Headquarters was the pinnacle of my collection.

I would like to say thanks to my wife and kids for all the great presents they have given me. I do cherish everything I get. Tomorrow will be another chapter in great Christmas’ in my life.

But,for those early childhood Christmas’,those will always have a special place in my heart and brain.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Right down Santa Claus Lane…

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Riding in my truck today,delivering pkgs. and I heard “Here Comes Santa Claus” on XM ch.4. Great Christmas song and always stirs childhood memories. As i was listening to the words,”Here comes Santa Claus,here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus Lane. I thought to myself,how cool it would be to deliver to all, that lives on that street.

1) Santa of course, I have some problems delivering to him,with all those workshops and receiving docks it gets pretty confusing.

2) Saint Patrick,I try to do his house last,he sleeps late due to all the drinking ya know!

3)Easter Bunny, I have to knock really hard cause all that “Hip-Hop” music is usually loud.

4)Tooth Fairy,Dont Ask,Dont Tell!

5)Great Pumpkin,Love going there,the smell from all those pies are great!

6)Frosty the Snowman,only accepts deliveries during the winter. (Obvious reasons)

Yes, my route is pretty interesting.

Man,Am I tired? (Yes I Am)


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It’s been a few weeks since my last post. Reason? Working 6 days a week,and staying out for 10 hrs a day. Being a Fed-Ex driver,the Christmas season is our busiest time. I’ve had so many ideas while driving around,I’ve wanted to come in here and post them. Some were really “Gold”,while others.”Meh”.

I could go on and on about the political landscape. It has been up and down these last 3 weeks. First,they make a deal with the extension of the bush Tax Cuts,then,they add it to the budget and then all Hell breaks loose. It was good to see them drop the pork budget and stay with the Bush Tax and more unemployment bennies.

Christmas time 2010 will be a special and memorable one. My daughter Randi is coming home for Leave. She is in the Navy,currently in “A” school and soon to be in “C” school. Her orders will take her to the USS Makin Island LHD 8. An amphibious assault  ship. stationed in San Diego.

Getting back to my exhaustion, I love my work, but sometimes it has its minor problems. Most by the way, are not caused by me. The biggest problem,Addresses! Sounds simple enough. If people would use common sense in applying them,my world would be so much nicer.

Most common mistakes, Using the “fancy” gold plated numbers on tan bricks or light colored houses .People,you cannot see them from the road going 25-35 mph. Location of the numbers, idea place? over the garage or front door. Do not be cute and put them on a rock,under the” never been trimmed bush” by the porch. Oh,cant forget the ones located on little Johnny’s 4-H project that hangs 15 feet in a tree,with the faded out paint numbers on the plaque! My favorite? the country mile long driveway with the row of mailboxes,Im supposed to match with each house.

The amount of stops and pieces this year has surpassed last year. That’s a good thing. Living in the northern Ky. area,we are truly blessed with employment and economy issues. Reading economic results across the country have been mostly bad. Go anywhere in Greater Cincinnati on a weekend,you’ll find packed Malls,Restaurants and Movie theaters.  Also,look at the new construction of retail and eatery places going on. Yes,we are lucky around these parts. Could it be better? Yes and I believe it will get better.

Well,being tired takes away your creativity.Hopefully,in the New Year Ill be back in tip-top form.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each one of you who has viewed this blog.