I Love My XM!

Newest version of the logo for XM Satellite Radio

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The day was April 22nd,2005. My family and I were shopping at Best Buy. I went over to the car stereos and saw a new product,that would forever restore my sanity. that device was the new XM SkyFi II. It played in the portable boombox. Wow,I was impressed and I wanted it. My birthday was less than a month away,so,I asked my wife for an early present. Being a loving wife and knowing my needs,it was a gift she wanted me to have.

Let me back up and explain that “restore sanity” comment. I drive a delivery truck for Fed-Ex.(at the time of purchase,I was with DHL)I am putting anywhere of 6-9 hrs. a day in my truck. Its my  mobile workplace,if you will. I listen to R&R and talk shows on AM,Im also a Reds fan. The area I was in was very rural,alot of hills,trees and backroads. the radio would at times fade in and get static.

The Reds games were almost impossible to pick up even though they are on a 50,000 watt station. Fm stations were playing the same groups over and over and only using 2 maybe 3 songs off their whole playlists.How many times can a person hear Running Down A Dream by Tom Petty and not get headaches? Or,every night at 10pm you have to hear Mandatory Metallica for an hour,even though they play Metallica on the hour every hour! Enough was enough!

Enter XM. Now I had the MLB pkg. Access to multiple channels of Rock.Plus channels of talk shows for my listening pleasure.

Where else but satellite radio can you hear Small Paradise by Johnny Cougar,followed by J. Giles band  singing live House Party? FM would not dare be that creative. Thats why 20 million subscribers have done what Ive done. Pay for pure pleasure,and not be a slave to programmed corporate playlists with NO originality.

Thank You XM for my sanity!


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