80’s video fad

I was lucky enough to have done my High school years in the early 80’s. (79 – 83). The music,the fashions and the great time to be young and wild. I especially loved M TV,who didn’t?

It was new,and refreshing and gave us another outlet to be entertained. The one fad that alot of newer artists did,was wear Japanese themed clothing.

The Japanese flag,headbands and shirts with Japanese sayings. I know 40 yrs have gone by,since Pearl Harbor,but guys in my Grandpas age,was so offended by it. Hell,they couldn’t forget what they had done.

Yet,it was still a popular fashion statement. I  myself never had any Japanese apparel.  I did get into the music of bands that jumped on that bandwagon. Like SAGA video link here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQLWMvJ3sp4&feature=related).

I have to wonder,after the 40 yr anniversary of 9-11 will bands clothing and mall stores be selling Muslim gear? I tend to think not.


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