Finding My Religion

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I am a 45 yr. old man. Just your average guy,living life,raising a family and living day by day.

Here is my dilemma. I feel a void in my life. My kids are grown,My daughter (20) is in the NAVY. My son (18) out of school and working full time.My wife and I have been married for over 21 yrs. We have had our share of financial problems,along with the normal LIFE problems.

I have been thinking about getting older and the uncertainty of the future. I hate being in an uncontrolled atmosphere. I socialize with people I can trust. I rarely go out to be in a setting with strangers. thats just my way.  I am a FED-EX driver and love my job. I do have my usual stops where I converse with my customers. However,I do know when to cut the conversation and carry on with my route. I love that relationship. Actually,its a perfect atmosphere for someone that has my attitude and personality.

Now,lately,say in the past 2 yrs.I have been questioning my faith and lack thereof. Im a common -sense man. Therefore,I have doubts about GOD and being religious. I know I’m not alone in this struggle. Im willing to say a very high number of us are in the same predicament.

I want answers! I want things to be laid out and explained to me. I want to know everything is gonna be ok. I thought about counseling from Clergy. I just dont have the get-go to do it.  Religion is a private matter,I really feel uncomfortable listening to people quote from the BIBLE. I dont know why,I just do.

My Dad passed away 10 yrs. ago. I miss that man to man relationship something awful. Maybe thats why,I need a man to man with GOD?

I want HIM to tell me,”Everything will be OK”

There,I think I just reached out! I’ll follow up with results.


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