The World I Live In.

The comedy show Seinfeld becomes popular.

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Its a simple one really. I wake up,go to work and come home. At home I relax,eat supper and watch Seinfeld re-runs and spend time on the computer. Around 11:00 pm,get ready for bed and do the same routine over again. I’m happy to have this routine,actually quit content with it. Now,I know what your thinking, “Man,this guys life sucks!” Well,to look at it that simply,yes. However,you know damn well life is not that simple or boring. There are plenty of things going on each day. In the coming days and nights Ill have observations and opinions on a broad spectrum of topics. Ill be using this forum( for my sanity) as an escape and as a public service to each and everyone who will take the time to read this.


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