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Mike Myers, an actor from Scarbrough who is be...

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Old Movies that get funnier the more I watch them. 1)” So,I married an Axe murderer” starring Mike Myers and Nancy Travis. There are scenes in this that are laugh out loud funny! Myers also plays his Dad. You can see the character development for the future Austin Powers flicks.
2)” Dream Team” starring Michael Keaton,Christopher Lloyd and Peter Boyle. Very under appreciated.
I also watched recently “Auto Focus” story about Bob Crane from “Hogans’ Heroes” Entertaining,yet disturbing. His murder is still unsolved even after 2 trials.I remember an old High School teacher saying he thought it was a Neo-Nazi gang that did him in. Hey,gotta respect the voice of a teacher, Huh?

Whats the purpose of having Fake Bullet holes on your car/truck? Is that supposed to mean,when you go cruising in the Ghetto,you have Street Cred? Oh,yea,he also had a bumper sticker that read,”If I had shot you when I wanted to, I’d be out by now”

Okaaay! I want to party with that guy! While were on the subject of accessories for the truck,whats the thought process of those fake giant “Balls” that hang from the trailer hitch? The gold and silver are weird enough,but Ive seen blue colored ones hanging low. Now, to me that says I dont get laid enough,so this is why I have blue balls!    What an advertisement to the public.


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