Palin’s 2012 Media Game

Palin’s 2012 Media Game.    A very good read,with alot of valid points. Don’t take this woman lightly.


Pajamas Media » Critics on Both Sides Be Damned: Run, Sarah

Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in Elon, NC du...

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Pajamas Media » Critics on Both Sides Be Damned: Run, Sarah.

I have been holding back on my choice for POTUS for 2012. I think right now,she is the one that truly stands above the rest of the Republican field. However,there is still enough time for another true leader of the people to step forward.

The experience factor has gone by the wayside after BHO was voted in.So, that will not be an issue with the people. The MSM will be her worst enemy.Unfortunately,they will be the most powerful as well.

It will be a rough and tough tear down of an human being. The press will love to dig up ANYTHING they can. Thats why I think a Repub  sitting Gov. and a Senator will be the ones to run against BHO/Hillary.

Oh yea,Hillary could emerge as the Dem nominee,depends on the next year. If BHO is getting nothing done and looking bad doing it,then there’s your opening for the Shrill-Monster to step in.

Whoever is running for the Repubs,they will beat the Dem. Do not count out the Tea-Party influence. What happened this past election was no fluke. You can even argue that they will become even more powerful.

2011, I believe will tell alot about the political landscape for 2012.

What a ride it will be!

Spanish Woman Claims She Now Owns Sun

Global Warming - the Evidence

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Spanish Woman Claims She Now Owns Sun.

Coo-koo Coo-koo. Wow. I do have to give it to her for being  an original thinker. Of course there are probably hundreds of people who thought of that,but said,”No,that would be stupid!”

How does she intend to collect the fees for using the Sun? Can the average guy/girl sneak a peek?

Will ALGORE be suing her for Global Warming? Hmmm. watch her run when the first skin cancer law suit is slapped on her!

Votto wins NL MVP by overwhelming margin | News

Cincinnati Reds

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Votto wins NL MVP by overwhelming margin | News.

Congratulations,Joey. Looking forward to 2011,and hoping for another playoff appearance. You are in some good company with that MVP.

Player Year
Ernie Lombardi 1938
Bucky Walters 1939
Frank McCormick 1940
Frank Robinson 1961
Johnny Bench 1970
Johnny Bench 1972
Pete Rose 1973
Joe Morgan 1975
Joe Morgan 1976
George Foster 1977
Barry Larkin 1995
Joey Votto 2010

Hot Air: Bombshell Evidence May Make Waters an Ethics Nightmare for Dems – Maxine Waters – Fox Nation

Maxine Waters (D-CA), Member of the U.S. House...

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Hot Air: Bombshell Evidence May Make Waters an Ethics Nightmare for Dems – Maxine Waters – Fox Nation.

Drain that swamp Nancy! It will be a surprise if she gets the same punishment as Rangle. Those Dems however corrupt they are,they tend to circle the wagons and bring out the pity party. If this was a Repub. he/she would have resigned even before a hearing took place. Some how,the Dems can get by with an apology,but the Repubs must give up their 1st born and shown the door. We shall wait and see.